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  1. P Stickman

    St. Maarten hotel / dive package recs

    Totally agree with the Curacao recommendation. We have been 5 times and love it. The Diving really is fantastic. So much shore diving or if you choose, boats are great. Can recommend some great dive ops and accommodations. It is super safe too. My GF had no problem taking a solo vacation...
  2. P Stickman

    Looking for a buddy in August

    Regular groups... Ocean Quest on Saturday mornings and Edge Diving on Sunday mornings. Both meet at the shop at 9am i think. Sent from my SGH-I727R using Tapatalk 4
  3. P Stickman

    Customs at Curacao

    If you St at the front of the plane it could be 10 minutes but if you are at the back of the line, it could be one hour to clear customs, collect you bag and get through the scanner. Sent from my Arc using Tapatalk HD
  4. P Stickman

    Waterproof light meter with temperature

    I dont know of any waterproof light meters but it would seem easy enough to put one into a clear waterproof box. as for temperature, do you mean color temp or water temp? Sent from my SGH-I727R using Tapatalk 2
  5. P Stickman

    Returning to Curacao Dec 8-16, Want MORE Suggestions

    You are probably there now. you have mentioned some good ones but a dive that we loved was with Mark at the Dive Bus. a nice long wall dive from Directors Bay around the right side of the point and into the bay. Not many wall dives on Curacao but that is a good one. Sent from my SGH-I727R...
  6. P Stickman

    Canon G1 X

    I was excited about the g1x before it came out. when i got my hands on it i realized it would not make a great uw camera. the problem is the zoom mechanism. When the camer is in full zoom, the lense barrel is really long (meaning a housing will need a long barrel). however, when on wide angle...
  7. P Stickman

    Electronic dive log conversion

    I am not entirely sure that i understand what you are trying to do. If your logbook is already fully typed out, it would still be tricky to import into an electronic database. Most likely your log book consists of form pages that you complete with a pen after each dive. that wont really...
  8. P Stickman

    Cert. cards can't be revoked for cause?

    Even if a system of revokation were in place, I wouldnt have reason to believe that the certified diver asking to be my buddy is any less competent a diver than I am under the current system.
  9. P Stickman

    Some pictures from this past weekend (6/16/12 - 6/17/12)

    Sportlxh, i have a sealife as well and i had similar problems with the shutter delay. It can be improved significantly by placing one and in front of the lense at the focal distance you anticipate, depress and hold the shutter trigger half way (which sets the focus and lighting), then wait for...
  10. P Stickman

    Great Website

    Welcome and enjoy! Sent using Tapatalk 2
  11. P Stickman

    First independent dive

    Shipwreckscanada... Dont be scared off by the advice. i agree with DaleC, some of it seems a little overly precautionary... If we followed this I would need to alert the coast guard before i dived. remember, you are trained to scuba dive within certain parameters. things to be aware of are...
  12. P Stickman

    Seacure mouthpiece apparently won't fit Mares Rover 12 Options?

    I have had a seacure for several years now and just purchased new regs (AL Legend Lx supreme). I HATED the stock mouthpiece. Anyway, the seacure wouldn't fit so I am now waiting for a type 2 on order. Once you have one, you just can't go back to the crappy little front loaders that you have...
  13. P Stickman

    Article: Are you Diving with the Right Tank?

    Thanks for this blog. Very informative. including the comments from readers. rx7diver, I hadn't thought about it but you are correct about warm water diving. I have been offered HP steels when in the tropics before. I declined but not because of this consideration. For the most part, I cold...
  14. P Stickman

    Anyone used Beach Buddy?

    " Yeah unfortunately I usually am the Scuba Sherpa! " I hear ya dude! We should start a union ! Sent using Tapatalk
  15. P Stickman

    Dive op for Curacao

    Cant help with night life on Curacao... Maybe aound Beaches (a hotel adjacent to the aquarium), or the casino??? As for dive operators.... Dive Bus is a good choice on that end, or Go West (formerly Ocean Encounters West) in West Punt if you are out that way is excellent. Considering you are...
  16. P Stickman

    What's the best photo editing software to fix Blue pics?

    I hear what you are saying. If one got the software for free, the benefits would approach infinite! Maybe the ecomomics aren't the only consideration.The fact is that applying full image color correction to Jpgs is very lossy. The cost to the quality of images is therefore high. The best fix...
  17. P Stickman

    What's the best photo editing software to fix Blue pics?

    moving forward, the best bang for your buck would be a strobe rather that software.
  18. P Stickman

    Nov, 2011 Swordfish Island (Victoria) photos

    Fantastic shots! I love our diving... the cold is worth braving.
  19. P Stickman

    scuba diver body found

    Have there been any updates on this recently? also 27 years? is that a typo? even in a drysuit it's hard to believe there would be anything left to recover after that long. was that maybe 27 months? that would be more in line with earlier reports.
  20. P Stickman

    Iona Beach pipeline / breakwater ??

    That is a convincing map. Where does one find more of those?
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