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    Want to Buy HP133 or HP117 Cylinder Hot Dipped Galvanized

    Looking for HP133 or HP117 tanks preferably hot-dipped galvanized in Upstate NY or within a few hours of driving. Shipping ok but costs are usually prohibitive. thanks
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    CF200 Leaking dump valve

    Hi: I did a search on the DUI dump valves like mine which leaks abit. After every dive for the past 2 years I get a left area of my arm that is a bit wet. Not soaking but 4-6 inch area. The posts show that the low profile valves have this issue when the valve is open. I am enclosing a pic...
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    Mounting DGEx Video lights

    Hi: I have 2 DGEx video lights that I would like to mount to the balls on a GoPro tray/handle (that has 2 balls). Obviously I need a ball clamp but looking for ideas on how to mount the video lights after that. Appreciate suggestions.
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    "Quick Hydro"

    Hello: There used to be a dive shop in Lantana that did hydros in a short period of time (Palm Beach Hydro). It is apparently closed now. Short of taking the tanks to a dive shop, anyone know where one can get tanks hydroed near Palm Beach/Stuart area in a short time period (3-5 days)? Thank you
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    BlackTip Band

    Hello: Can any one have a source on how to secure the Blacktop band? I feel stupid asking about it but can't figure it out. The video from Blacktip online is not helpful. Thanks
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    Perdix AI question with 2 independant tanks

    Hello: Something that I cannot figure out with my Perdix AI: 1. If I am diving with 2 tanks: Say Main back mounted tanks and a deco bottle. 2. They each have their own transmitters. What is a good way to allow the Perdix AI to continue keeping track of my air consumption when downloading...
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    UW Video Macro light 4300 Experience?

    Hello: Any one have any experience with the Backscatter UW Video Macro light 4300? While I do some macro, more interested it the light as a video light in not too wide of an angle; 3-4 feet distance.
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    SOLD!!! ScubaPro Large Jetfins

    I have a pair of ScubaPro Large Jetfins I'd like to sell as I've go to the Seawing ones. No Fin Straps as they are ready for Spring Straps. I have brand new spring straps if you'd like me to install them (for additional cost). They weight about 7 lbs including the box. Shipping from Zip 13210...
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    SOLD!!! Scubapro Large Jetfins

    I have a pair of ScubaPro Large Jetfins I'd like to sell as I've go to the Seawing ones. They weight about 7 lbs including the box. Shipping from Zip 13210. I'll entertain reasonable offers here. Shipping will be done at cost (no profit). Can respond here or better send me a private message...
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    GoPro Mount for Ikelite

    Hello: Anyone find the Flex Mount kit for GoPro useful ? Reviews on B&H state that this is very difficult to use. I am open to suggestions on how to mount my GoPro to my Ikelite housing. Thanks
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    SOLD!!! Ikelite DS161 Lights

    For Sale are 2 Ikelite DS161 Strobes in Very Good Condition These strobes do not have a lot of use on them. NEVER flooded. Always handled with care and consideration. Stored in a cool place after dives. Included are the 2 strobes (with their rechargeable NiMH batteries), diffusers, battery...
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    Reef Smart Guides Palm Beach, Florida Price Drop

    Special Price for Reef Smart Book Palm Beach. $2.99 Kindle Version. Also same price on Apple Books.
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    20mm lens in Flat Port

    Wondering how this will work underwater: If I put a Nikon 10-20 mm lens set @ 20mm in a Ikelite housing and a flat port how will the images be seen underwater? On land, the image is fine. (I have an issue with large dome port for travel on this coming trip; hence reason for asking). Nikon...
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    Drysuit in warm waters

    I did a search for the topic of drysuits in warm waters and came out with a few results dating back to 2011. The latest one was from 2018 so would like to reintroduce the question. Does any one dive a drysuit in warm waters (>75 degrees)? I was diving in Florida recently with dives approaching...
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    PLD Lid wire repair ?

    Hello: I have a PLD that needs a wire replacement. The wire allows the lid to stay on the canister's side. Looking for advice on replacing the broken wire. What kind (wire or cave line or ?) should I use and how to reattach. Enclosed is a closeup picture. One concern I have is that what happens...
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    New Book from GUE

    I got my hands on the "The Fundamentals of Better Diving" yesterday. My opinion: The book is well written with ample colorful photos and charts. It's overdue but now there is another nice book to read. I am not in GUE but enjoy the recommendations on the book has given me.
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    Black Sea Movie

    Hi: A nice movie on Netflix with good underwater action called Black Sea.
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    An extraordinary pioneer in rebreathers, Dr. Christian Lambertsen

    Dear friends: It is my privilege to present to you the extraordinary story of Dr. Christian Lambertsen, a pioneer in Rebreathers and very notable figure in our beloved sport of scuba diving. Please enjoy it and marvel at what was done by this extraordinary human being. Compressor
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    Wishing all of you Seasons Greetings

    Dear ScubaBoard Members: Wishing all of you Seasons Greetings and a healthy, stress free 2021 as this year comes to an end.
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    Happy Thanksgiving to you all

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all ScubaBoarders. Hope 2021 will be a year of more diving and disease free society.
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