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    Beginner setup (RX 100 / A6)

    thank you for your compliment! forgot to mention for the strobes. i start to use more torch/snoot on my macro dives. but I'm pretty happy with my inonz330 when doing some wide angles. i hesitated between s2000 and z330 when I did the purchase. then i thought i might want to go for a bigger...
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    Beginner setup (RX 100 / A6)

    IMO get an rx100 IV or V and i added some pics i took with my rx100iv to me, if you cant switch wide angel and macro lens underwater. it loses all the senses using a compact camera underwater. unfortunately, because of VI and VII are 24-200mm, their port system gets almost as complicated as...
  3. Beard Goby

    Beard Goby

  4. A Normal White Pipefish

    A Normal White Pipefish

  5. Skeleton Shrimp

    Skeleton Shrimp

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    Trip Report: Southern Leyte, Peter's Dive Resort

    it's probably 20 mins walk i think. there is a local restaurant doing nice food 50 meters away from peters if my memories serves me right 2-3 USD for a meal, 1 USD for a cold beer food is tasty.
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    Bali / Nusa Penida or Similan Islands?

    Bali is better imo even it's the season for similan
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    Philippines - where, oh where?

    by replying this thread, i'm checking the tickets to go back to southern leytes....:coffee:
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    Philippines - where, oh where?

    Southern Leytes has both Macro and Wide Angle sites. Macro: Various nudibranches, shrimps, pipefishes, ect. not necessarily as rare as those critters in lembeh or romblon. But still plenty of them to make a photographer busy :) Wide Angle: Napantao and Limasawa are covered healthy sea fans ...
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    Philippines - where, oh where?

    Hey, Malapascua indeed is amazing, it's a must. i love southern leytes so much so i make sure i come back every year Malapascua + Southern leytes is doable. but could be a bit more hassle if you are using public transportation for each leg. there are ferries leave Cebu to Massin(45mins car...
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    Leyte .. or not ?

    I'm going there in 10 days Hooray! It's my first time there and I'll be travellling alone. as far as i learned, it might be a little tricky for solo diver to transfer from taclonban airport (if you fly in from manila)to the place where dive resorts are. Because the private pick takes 3.5 hours...
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    Malapascua Dive shop

    My experience is if you are going with a group of people. That's fine. Choose whatever you want. But if you are going alone. You'd better find the DC has multiple boats heading out to different sites everyday. That aslo means the DC has more customers. Maybe less personal attention. But at least...
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    Moalboal update

    What's the scale of the sardines in Ronda Bay? Same as in Pescador it used to be? Hmmmm worth to pay a visit back!
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    Hello Swift Check out your PM ;);););)
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