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  1. Jcp2

    For Sale Si Tech Antares ring system

    If the sale doesn’t work out I’m interested as well.
  2. Jcp2

    Recreational Pony Bottles, completely unnecessary? Why or why not?

    Since pony bottles are very dangerous, I am willing, for a small storage fee, to remove these items from any concerned member and store them in my dive locker, where the only risk is to me. Please ensure that you pay postage both ways ahead of time, in case you change your mind. Thank you for...
  3. Jcp2

    Some COVID-19 Updates

    There are many pharmaceutical active substances that are used very commonly that have not met the high FDA bar that has been mentioned. Tobacco, marijuana, alcohol come to mind. Sometimes the categories of safe are so stringent that they are practically empty. Note the number of medications that...
  4. Jcp2

    What do you look for in students to tell if they are ready for AN/DP?

    I like to launch between 40-50 feet. I have a smaller sealed one with an inflator attachment and OPV and I take a big inhale off the regulator and then orally inflate in one exhale. Then I let the spool run and put the regulator back in my mouth quickly at the same time. I’ve also attached an...
  5. Jcp2

    Deep 6 Eddy Fins - from Mares Avanti Quattro+

    They are fins up to the point when you put your limb into them, at which point they become your flippers.
  6. Jcp2

    TAC Scuba Fins

    I have force fin pro, scubapro go, and deep 6 eddy. I use the scubapro for snorkeling (they are the non boot kind). The deep 6 is really my daughters. I feel the resistance of the force fin in the water less when the knee is flexing back and more when the knee is extending straight as compared...
  7. Jcp2

    What do you look for in students to tell if they are ready for AN/DP?

    Some people have a small weight attached. Others use the little blue pill.
  8. Jcp2

    TAC Scuba Fins

    Force fin pricing used to be more competitive many years ago, and the force fin silhouette is still very distinctive. I had a set when paired up with a new dive partner and although he didn’t know the name, he commented on how that’s what he thought of as old school scuba fins. I dove with...
  9. Jcp2

    Some COVID-19 Updates

    Alberta would care to differ from you.
  10. Jcp2

    Some COVID-19 Updates

    The myocarditis study was retracted upon peer review. They used a denominator of 32000 instead of 845000, leading to an estimate of myocarditis risk 25 times greater than what the data could support. It’s a common math error that my kids sometimes make in high school. Unfortunately, the...
  11. Jcp2

    Trim issue

    It also makes a difference if you are using a steel or aluminum tank, as the steel will pull you more backwards than an aluminum tank.
  12. Jcp2

    Personal Training in preparation for Diving

    There may be a degree of lifting and carrying heavier objects if the dive site is not right next to where you set up your equipment. I probably have 40 pounds of gear on for a typical dive.
  13. Jcp2

    Do you really understand your computer, or is it a threat to you?

    A man with a watch knows what the time is. A man with two is never sure.
  14. Jcp2

    Buoyancy with drysuit?

    I’m going through the same process now and have had a couple of unexpected ascents. I’m just doing shallower half hour dives in the 30-40 foot range so that nitrogen loading isn’t a big issue. It’s like learning how to dive all over again, but I’m appreciating getting undressed mostly dry and...
  15. Jcp2

    Wondering where your stuff from overseas is? Shipaggedon!

    It’s not just shipping.
  16. Jcp2

    Trip Report East Bay Resort: South Caicos Oct 2 - 9, 2021

    How much was the Covid medical insurance per person?
  17. Jcp2

    Buoyancy with drysuit?

    PADI recommends buoyancy control with single tank non compressible dry suit diving with proper weighting as a starting point for learning, and acknowledges that a non compressed neoprene drysuit or more than one cylinder will require the BC as well. The trick is proper weighting so that the...
  18. Jcp2

    COVID-19 quarantine Insurance

    Depending on the country, self insurance may not be an acceptable option to visit islands. I’m looking at Turks and Caicos specifically.
  19. Jcp2

    What’s with this?

    Home test kit maybe ok in US, but probably not approved by Bonaire regulators, therefore not valid and illegal in that country. Also, loss of income to local industry.
  20. Jcp2

    Divemasters Should Ask 'Is Your Oxygen ON?'

    These suits aren’t usually about the deceased. It’s those left behind unexpectedly that are hurt and angry.
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