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  1. MMM

    Return to Cozumel after 6 year absence

    Hogfish are rarely seen because they are pretty darn tasty ..
  2. MMM

    Best Margaritas

    They have also opened a place on town near Mega. They are my favourite.
  3. MMM

    Return to Cozumel after 6 year absence

    I asked them about that one time and they said "don't worry about that". I don't like to be rushed through dinner and they agreed.
  4. MMM

    Looking for a dive shop offering 4 dives a day

    You might try contacting Blue Angel. They used to have a boat that also went out in the afternoon but that was a long time ago and things change. Are you nitrox certified? Given the depths of many Coz sites, that may be a useful safety precaution or you could find yourself swimming about 30 feet...
  5. MMM

    Transport from Airport: Private or shared?

    Upon arrival.
  6. MMM

    Ferry luggage scam?

    One thing I learned a LONG time ago. If you want to enjoy yourself in Mexico, you don't try to swim upstream. Just go with the flow. Rules change daily, depending on who is interpreting them. It's not all that hard to pull your suitcase onto the ferry and keep it with you. It's what I would...
  7. MMM

    Sidemount Diving, Cozumel Trip, Do You?

    Glad you are in Coz and sorry you hit the year's first (small) hurricane. I think you will be very happy diving with a single tank on your back. Unless you are a hoover, you won't need extra air. If that becomes a problem, there are a few ops that offer bigger steel tanks. But my guess is that...
  8. MMM

    Tropical Storm Grace

    My housekeeper reported on things today. We are in El Centro and everything was fine: electricity, water, phone etc. (Power outages seem to be the most reported problem but CFE is pretty good about getting on top of this.) No water in our house (sometimes, depending on the direction, we have had...
  9. MMM

    One way ticket?

    I have had experiences either way. One time we were flying through (I think) Toronto then the U.S. and onto Mexico and the United agent insisted we have a return ticket. So we bought one on the spot. Other times we've gone down with one-way tickets. We usually stay a really long time and these...
  10. MMM

    Current COVID/masking in Cozumel

    The reports on this thread continue, despite my earlier modpost. So, I have deleted a pile of the posts arguing about covid and covid stats. Please stick to talking specifically about Cozumel. However, a few of you may find that you are no longer able to post in this thread due to repeatedly...
  11. MMM

    Help with planning a Coz dive trip

    I believe they are both in the same zone. Cozumel FAQ's - Weather, Water temps, Dive Operators, Taxis, and More But there IS a premium charged for pick-up at Chedraui, I believe. Chedraui is just outside of "El Centro" but certainly is part of the town. Could they have been charging you extra...
  12. MMM

    Help with planning a Coz dive trip

    There's an "in-between" option: the Palace is a very nice, all-inclusive, in town. Beach is man-made but decent. Eat in or try some other stuff in town. Save money on taxis; you will be able to walk most everywhere. Aldora (and many other ops) will pick you up there. I agree with an option...
  13. MMM

    Any way to help Cozumel with vaccinations?

    Since PPE for providers is being reported as an issue, maybe bringing some of that down (if you have access to it) would be helpful. Perhaps someone with connections among medical community (@RayfromTX) there can ask them to identify what exactly they may need.
  14. MMM

    Current COVID/masking in Cozumel

    There have been a number of reports made to moderators about this thread (again). As long as the comments pertain directly to Cozumel, we have decided against moderating. However, if it drifts over to covid generally - or what is happening in the U.S., CDC, Dr. Fauci, etc. etc. - then posts will...
  15. MMM

    Trip Report Island House (rental) & AquaSafari

    Sounds about they sell out of lots of stuff really early. If we want the daily special, I mention it when we make our reservation so that they can squirrel it away.
  16. MMM

    Trip Report Island House (rental) & AquaSafari

    Did you get to Kooben Laab? One of my very favourite restaurants on the island and very reasonably priced.
  17. MMM

    Trip Report Island House (rental) & AquaSafari

    The trick is to dive with an op that keeps your gear and wetsuit. And if you really want to look like a local, carry a parasol! I do. A cab would have been 20 or 30 pesos.
  18. MMM

    Trip Report Island House (rental) & AquaSafari

    This house is actually not in Corpus Christi. It is in el Centro (as is my house across the street...Ave. 11 is the dividing line between centro and Christi). The street is pretty busy/noisy in the day as it's a through street from airport road through to 11; taxis and tour groups use it a lot...
  19. MMM

    Trip Report Island House (rental) & AquaSafari

    Yes he is but he had some major surgery recently and probably took some the me off.
  20. MMM

    Trip Report Island House (rental) & AquaSafari

    The sandwich place on the corner is known all over the island as "the cheap torta place". Hence the long line ups of locals. Basic tortas for 10 - 15 pesos and they usually sell out by mid-afternoon. We frequently buy sandwiches there to take to the beach or airport. The guy on the bike is...
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