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  1. eelnoraa

    A new regulator for the price of hoses?

    I see too many things wrong with this quote: 4ft hose is $93? Part ect for 1st stage is $63?? what is it? Part ect for 2nd stages are $96 a pop, twice?? And $36 for shipping is marked "special"?? they are for sure ripping customers off. I will take it somewhere else
  2. eelnoraa

    Such a thing as too much air or no need for redundancy? (long and rambly)

    I don't see any issue going to LP112 from LP85. More gas, but not excessive more gas IMO. The only draw back here is LP112 is a more clunky tank, larger, heavier, so harder to maneuver on land and in water. But again, it is out of our ordinary. Just LP85 is very nice, small and light. As...
  3. eelnoraa

    How much weight do you carry (warm water)?

    5'6" 145lb. with 3mm wetsuit, neutral fins (OMS slips), AL plate, AL80, I will put about 4-6lb on top camband
  4. eelnoraa

    Din vs Yoke

    Me too.
  5. eelnoraa

    Recent Opinions On Air Integrated Computers For Technical Diving

    Are you serious?? Have you dive additional bottle to your BM tank? I have seen too many divers with 1 AL80 and 1 AL40 on my left side only and won't have trim problem, my self included. I often dive one AL80 side mount and without trim issue either. I am with tbone here. It is impossible...
  6. eelnoraa

    Yet another: Which 38-40lb wing to buy

    Ok ic. Then Apeks. I have had quite a few issues with my previously own Hollis gears and their customer service was not able to resolve. Not something i will buy again.
  7. eelnoraa

    Yet another: Which 38-40lb wing to buy

    Hollis wing is actually pretty low quality stuff. I would not compare it to Apeks or Halcyon, far from them. How about VDH or Oxycheq?
  8. eelnoraa

    Failure of back-plate single tank adapter (Bolts)

    Do you have a pad covering your backplate? Maybe consider ditching the pad, so you can simple see if nuts are loose or missing? And no, the bolts are extremely unlikely to break. Songle AL80 is so light weight compared to what the bolts can hold. Just imagine people put on double LP118 with...
  9. eelnoraa

    Sorry but APEKS XTX50 or Atomic Z3??? Help...

    I dive quite a few atomics myself, and currently don't own Apeks, but I have used enough. Looking at OP's usage, I would say Apeks DST/XTX50/XT50. The decision is not performance at all. In fact, I don't think anyone can tell the difference in blind test. I do think Apeks has better world...
  10. eelnoraa

    Deep6 Reg Purchase

    those two don't work together. For GUE in general, SPG HP hose is 24". LPI is 20-22". corrogate hose in most wings is 13" or only. Those are good to start. After you get the rig dial in, you may want to adjust the length a bit (by replacing the hoses)
  11. eelnoraa

    Dive rite transplate harness.

    $50 isn't bad, but transplate harness is really not so comfortable. I had it when I started around 2009, so I guess I must have the old style. I later changed to one piece webbing simple harness. If I have to do it over again, I won't get transplate again
  12. eelnoraa

    Din vs Yoke

    Get one that you will use the most. DIN reg + yoke adapter is really for those who use DIN most of the time, and yoke once in a while. If you get DIN but with yoke adapter on 90% of the time, then it is the worse of both side. One more DIN+adapter no one has mentioned yet is you really have...
  13. eelnoraa

    BP/W setup - Galvanic corrosion and how to avoid it

    Take them apart and clean them after each day of diving. It will be long before you notice any built up. Thinking back, i once owned a oms AL backplate, inwas in a 9 day LOB without taking the STA off, minimal rinsing between dives. I don't remember see any issues. Then of course i took them...
  14. eelnoraa

    DIR- GUE Fundies on rental gear?

    I think getting a drysuit and do primer before going into C1 is not a good idea either. C1 is an expansive and difficult course, you dont want to test out your drysuit skill there. Better to save and get a drysuit, dive with it so in C1, you can operate it without even thinking about it. It...
  15. eelnoraa

    Best bcd in the market now?

    Don't get me wrong, I am totally OK with owning Ti reg, or expansive sport cars. What I am trying to say is if you are on budget, which you did mention, then spending money on Ti reg is giving you the return you are thinking. I do own set of Atomic Ti. Weight saving is really minimal. If you...
  16. eelnoraa

    BP/w Grab Handle?

    The handle on wing is for you to carry the wing. You should never carry your rig with tank attached by that, or any part of the wing.
  17. eelnoraa

    Best bcd in the market now?

    I wonder, why T3 titanium reg at all. It really doesn't do anything for 99.99% of the people beside thinking owning Ti is cool. The rest of the are those who has money to spend. Also point out, carbon fiber backplate is about 8oz lighter than the AL counter part. Again, reason to have one is...
  18. eelnoraa

    Double checking doubles wing lift

    I also agree that double LP85 + one stage should be good with 40lb wing with a drysuit (buoyancy doesn't change with depth). With 5mm or 7mm wetsuit, AN/DP depth, most of life from wetsuit is gone, that is easily 10-15lb. Add about 250cf of gas, that is about 20lb. Your margin is very small...
  19. eelnoraa

    titanium backplate

    Definitely nicely done. May I have a few suggestions: 1. The crotch strap slots. I would just have one for 2" width at the same location as the 1" slot now. 2. The top bolt holes. I would say 3 are good, but I will suggest keep the top and bottom one. The 3rd one should be below the current...
  20. eelnoraa

    What order to buy gear?

    My order if I have to do it all over again 1. suit, if water is on the cold side 2. BC, 3. computer 4. reg.
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