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  1. Aqua-Andy

    Wondering where your stuff from overseas is? Shipaggedon!

    And that’s the problem with unions! Even when they can’t get it done they block others from doing it “Not that the National Guard would have anyone trained to do this work anyway”. I believe unions have their place, I just think that they sometimes go to far trying to protect their workers.
  2. Aqua-Andy

    Wondering where your stuff from overseas is? Shipaggedon!

    I just found this thread and find it fascinating but at the same time scary. I have seen this coming for years. Everything made now is designed to be disposable. I have spoken to many engineers that design the crap we now have to purchase and they all say the same thing, it’s game that all...
  3. Aqua-Andy

    American Airline and Delta Start service 5 June 2021 to Bonaire

    Have you seen the prices? I thought it was expensive before, now it’s just ridiculous!
  4. Aqua-Andy

    TG-6 Short Battery Life?

    Are you using genuine Olympus batteries or aftermarket?
  5. Aqua-Andy

    TG-6 Short Battery Life?

    Are you shooting a lot of 4K video? I have no problem getting 200 shots with a few minutes of 1080p.
  6. Aqua-Andy

    Who is best for getting a new neck Zipseal installed on a DUI suit?

    I have the original SiTech neck system and I do notice it while out of the water and actually considered removing it a few years ago. Once in the water I don’t notice it one bit and have no issues reaching my valves. I just ordered a new neck seal from DRIS for $30, a zip seal costs $130.
  7. Aqua-Andy

    Show us your favorite shots!

    Here are a couple recent ones from a local dive site.
  8. Aqua-Andy

    SOLD!!! Sea & Sea Fiber Optic Cable with L-Type Connector

    I’ll take it if its still available.
  9. Aqua-Andy

    Which dry glove system is 'best'

    Just what I thought, user error. No wonder you you are have ing problems with the gloves popping off. You need to equalize the gloves by using the supplied silicone tubes, thumb loop or something else under the seal. I am familiar with and the differences between both the Glove Lock and Quick...
  10. Aqua-Andy

    First regs?

    So the Sherwood Blizzard that is a dependable, workhorse of a reg is not what they are selling today. Sherwood has totally redesigned this reg so it does not have the history of reliability that the name suggests. Why do you have to swallow any pride when purchasing HOG Regis? Scuba reg...
  11. Aqua-Andy

    Which dry glove system is 'best'

    Funny, I highly recommend this "yugo" glove system, it's simple and works great. The major issue with this system is that the o-rings that come with it are not the best match for the system. Just replace the o-rings with a standard -153 o-ring and most any problems with this system will go...
  12. Aqua-Andy

    How many wetsuits do you have?

    I have one, a 3mm shortie. If the three mill won’t do it dry suit it is.
  13. Aqua-Andy

    Cam strap friction pads

    Throw them away and make some DSS copies. They work much better.
  14. Aqua-Andy

    SOLD!!! Olympus TG-5 red

    Olympus TG-5 for sale. In excellent condition, never used without the housing. Camera only no housing. $225 shipped to the cont. US SOLD!
  15. Aqua-Andy

    Looking for reasonably priced, mid weight drysuit undergarments

    Have you checked out the house brand undergarments from DRIS?
  16. Aqua-Andy

    Can you really only use Sea & Sea Fiber cables with Sea & Sea strobes?

    I think it depends on the strobe. Users of the YS-D2 series of strobes seem to have better luck with aftermarket cables than users with YS-01 strobes.
  17. Aqua-Andy

    For Sale Complete almost new TG-5 setup

    I would be interested in the bayonet mount parts if you are willing too sell them separately.
  18. Aqua-Andy


    I have a red TG-5 if you’re interested.
  19. Aqua-Andy

    Considering a TG-6

    This is a 16x24 print from my last trip to Bonaire taken with a TG-5. Cropped slightly and scaled up to 300dpi if I remember correctly. The lighting in the room was not the greatest when I took this pic.
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