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  1. Darnold9999

    Need Help In Selecting Red Sea Liveaboard

    Did AIII and another boat three years ago. You need to research the best time of year to see sharks etc. I saw 2 the entire trip, one hammerhead and one oceanic white tip. Not an issue as that was not why I went but if it was it would have been disappointing. The trips were both out to BDE late...
  2. Darnold9999

    LOB in Egypt dont have enough guides?

    Pretty much going through the same thing. Have been vaccinated but a mix of Pfizer and Moderna. Have a certificate with a QR code but no idea if it will be accepted in Egypt. Email to the Egyptian Embassey asking if that certificate would be acceptable was never answered. So… backup plans. Test...
  3. Darnold9999

    Nitescuba NSV60 6,000lm Video Light preliminary review

    Aggressor III early November. Have a good trip!
  4. Darnold9999

    Nitescuba NSV60 6,000lm Video Light preliminary review

    So far no issues but have not used them much. Will be taking a trip next month to the Red Sea. That will tell.
  5. Darnold9999

    New diver BP/W and weight distribution questions for cold water

    +1 on lose the al80. HP100 steel and steel backplate is your starting point. I divide my weight between attached to the backplate and a weight belt. Had a harness for a while but once I moved to steel tank and got my weight down to under 20 lbs it was just not needed. 20 lbs on a weight belt is...
  6. Darnold9999

    INDONESIA - 2021 Cancellations Ahead, is your booking at risk?

    What is beginning to sink in is that vaccines are only effective for a limited time - six months, a year doesn’t really matter. The fact that they will need to be boosted on a regular basis means that most of the world’s population is likely not ever going to get an effective vaccine for this...
  7. Darnold9999

    Is it possible to travel responsibly (during a pandemic)?

    Hmmm... had not considered that there would be regulations on exactly what kind of mask would be acceptable in different countries. Will need to do some research! I pretty much use disposables for grocery shopping etc. Have a cloth mask for longer public trips - 90 min ferry ride with a...
  8. Darnold9999

    NAUI since 1989 needs new card

    My cert was older than yours but I got a paper certificate as well as the card. Found it buried in a pile of old papers in a drawer. Photocopy was enough to get a replacement card.
  9. Darnold9999

    Bellevue man missing - Deception Pass State Park, Washington state

    The exchanges were very strong last weekend particularly in the daytime. Thought about jumping in a couple of spots but everywhere we were the currents were ripping and the noon hour slack was very brief and not very predictable either so passed. We were a bit north of this particular spot on...
  10. Darnold9999

    Help Needed, Visiting the Indonesian Islands for the First Time

    +1 for Underwater Tribe. They really know Indonesia diving and Mike and Luka can put a group trip together that meets your needs. You really do need someone who knows diving in Bali to help. Doing it yourself can get you to just the “tourist” dive spots which can be disappointing. Coming here...
  11. Darnold9999

    What are some of your worst entanglement experiences?

    Solo diving swimming through a kelp bed I snagged fishing line with my fin. Felt it grab and kept swimming a few feet to get out of the kelp hoping it was light line and it would break. (Close to the edge of the kelp bed). As it was only wrapped in one fin and I could not figure out how to...
  12. Darnold9999

    Bali opening?

    interesting article.
  13. Darnold9999

    Looking for tranquil waters

    Add Papua Paradise to the above lists. Was there a couple of years ago and was impressed. Lembeh has what you are looking for - more muck than reefs, but there are reefs if that is what you want. Ambon is known for muck but has some reefs as well. If you are at a resort by and large you will...
  14. Darnold9999

    Saint Martin Dive Ops / sights?

    We did a couple of days on Saba when we were on St Martin. Was a highlight of the trip. Better diving and an interesting island. Too long ago to suggest dive operators but the French side has some really good food!
  15. Darnold9999

    Sea Dragon Lights for Olympus Tough T4 / Sea Frogs Case combination

    Just be aware that a video light makes a poor strobe. A strobe is WAY brighter so your colours will be much better for still photography and your reach will be better as well when doing landscape with a proper strobe.
  16. Darnold9999

    cheap chinese video light review

    I own a pair of the nitescuba DSV60s and they are great for video. I switch them down to the lowest setting when doing macro as a focus light. As previously said they are very wide angle so unless you are doing video would not use them. They also use an odd Archon battery pack so not easily...
  17. Darnold9999

    Luxor after Red Sea

    There is never enough time to do everything sadly!! Appreciate the feedback re Abu Simbel and Cairo. We’re most of the passengers on the Nile trip also divers or mostly tourists?
  18. Darnold9999

    Luxor after Red Sea

    Also looking at Aggressor. Did A III a couple of years ago and did not do Luxor and regretted it. Totally agree re rip off re prices. Booked local transportation and hotel and was a fraction of the price - like 1/4 for exactly the same hotel. Comfort zone is a good thought.
  19. Darnold9999

    Luxor after Red Sea

    Am travelling to Marsa Alam to dive on a liveaboard and plan to spend 4 days in Luxor this fall. Trying to decide between self directed sightseeing from a hotel in Luxor and a Nile river barge trip from Luxor to Aswan that includes guides and stops to sightsee. Thoughts???
  20. Darnold9999

    Foreigners not allowed in Sorong

    Banda Sea and Alor booked for late 2022 and I am starting to think that might be too soon :(
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