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  1. ZzzKing

    DFW Scuba shops

    Dive West on Greenville Ave has closed. Their website says temporarily. I haven’t tried to contact Sylvia to get a status update.
  2. ZzzKing

    Tucker Tower Lake Murray

    Of course you realize this thread is 14 years old, right? :)
  3. ZzzKing

    Masks? How long can two dive professionals hold a salient conversation about dive masks?

    My total mask discussion consists of the sentence “The best mask is the one that fits.” That didn’t prevent me from watching the entire clip, however.
  4. ZzzKing

    DFW Scuba shops

    Are you still instructing through them? Also, I checked the Swamp Divers gear link and must seriously question the Swamp Divers boxers. I’m afraid that would be the type of aphrodisiacal boost that could result in more kids....
  5. ZzzKing

    Bored, self quarantined, how many still use snorkels

    I only use a snorkel when the muddy water is too deep.
  6. Rugged-ridge-hi-low-mount-snorkel-system-jl-jt-17756.31-installed


  7. ZzzKing

    Scubapro 109 parts where to buy?

    The 5 and the 8 hole are interchangeable BTW.
  8. ZzzKing

    Currently open DFW area dive sites

    Other possibilities include Windy Point at Lake Travis and Spring Lake in San Marcos. Spring Lake would require their Scientific Diver class and doing some maintenance work for them but water is nice in the wintertime. You can still dive Possum Kingdom but the dive place is closed. You would...
  9. ZzzKing

    Weightbelts, why does everyone hate them so much?

    I’ve never seen an abandoned weight belt on the bottom. I have found numerous faulty / abandoned weight pockets on the bottom. All my weight is split between a belt and non-ditchable on my rig. I try to have enough on the belt to counter exposure protection buoyancy and the balance in pockets on...
  10. ZzzKing

    Mares Pure Tank Positioning Strap - How to use it

    I’ve used a length of nylon rope to do the same thing.
  11. ZzzKing

    Foo checking in...

    Frank, message me your new address. Is your mobile still the same? Be working on finding the redfish and specs.
  12. ZzzKing

    Deep 6 Eddy Fin - Review

    Did you cut the serrations in there yourself? They look like great Halloween fins. :)
  13. ZzzKing

    BPW for 11yo

    Our whole family uses Oxycheq soft plates w/ 18lb wings. This includes me (5’-9”, 155), wife (5’-0”, 105); 15 YO daughter (5’-3”, 105) and 11 YO son (4’-9”, 100). All have a single piece harness. Each rig weighs in at less than 6 lbs.
  14. ZzzKing

    Using a weightbelt with BP/W setup

    I usually wear the weight belt under the crotch strap but if the boat wants you to hand up your weights followed by your rig before climbing the ladder, you may want to wear the belt on top to make it a little easier to get off. Even under the crotch strap it’s not too difficult, though.
  15. ZzzKing

    Primary or alternate donate poll

    This is obviously a Scubaboard poll. Probably less than 5% of divers donate their primary in places I have been. It is probably closer to 1%. According to Scubaboard, 3/4 of divers have backplate / wings, Jetfins and 7’ primary hose on doubles and have some sort of tech diving as their ultimate...
  16. ZzzKing

    Back Plate and wing..$28 dollars invested!

    You’re looking to do cost comparisons it to get it below $25? :rofl3: This is pretty awesome, even at the outrageous price of $28.
  17. ZzzKing

    Sidemount 2 doubles sets (4 cylinders total)

    RECREATIONAL????? :rofl3:
  18. ZzzKing

    Uses for spare BCD hoses?

    I want to see the proposed art project.
  19. ZzzKing

    SOLD!!! New G250V It's over...

    I wanted to post to let everyone know that getting these from buddhasummer was a very positive experience for me. He never went more than a day without a status update and the entire process, from ordering to receiving them this morning took less time than a recent order from a prominent online...
  20. ZzzKing

    Drysuit diving and considering weight belt

    On a recent outing for my daughter’s AOW class, I guy came up to our group and asked if anyone had lost a weight pouch. We, in fact, had a guy that lost a weight pouch but was back in the water. This guy’s group had also lost a pouch so he asked us to return it to them if we found it. We did...
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