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  1. billt4sf

    Sorido Bay Resort - Sept 19-29 - $1000 OFF

    Hi Rich, We plan to pay extra to buy a ticket with for cancellation and rescheduling flexibility if we go before COVID is "over". - Bill
  2. billt4sf

    Indonesia Sriwijaya Air passenger plane missing after take-off

    Does anyone know how deep the wreck is?
  3. billt4sf

    Red Sea (Again) or Indonesia

    NORMALLY: Three months for the flights within Indo. A year plus for the LOB reservations, and maybe for the dive lodge reservations, depending on the lodge. THIS YEAR: We made our reservations a year out because, with the vaccine coming, we envision a LARGE uptick in travelers a soon as...
  4. billt4sf

    INDONESIA - 2021 Cancellations Ahead, is your booking at risk?

    Latecomer to this thread. We recently booked the Solitude Adventurer for Dec 2021. I think they still have plenty of room. Although we don't have a lot of info on it, we chose that boat because they have very low deposit requirements (at least if you book through Blue Water Travel, it was 5%)...
  5. billt4sf

    Solitude Adventurer

    Well...I could not find very much, really. We did take the plunge for 21 Dec 21. And for the week previous, we're going back to Sorido Bay Resort. The Socorro trip should be pretty heavy on the seasickness! WOW. If you can take that, you should be able to take anything Raja Ampat has to...
  6. billt4sf

    Booked !

    Pulled the trigger and booked Raja Ampat for 21 Dec '21. It feels GREAT to book a trip!! We chose the Solitude Adventurer because they allowed a 5% deposit (lots of things can happen between now and over a year from now). The "best estimates" of Dr. Francis Collins (head of NIH) and Dr. Fauci...
  7. billt4sf


    I think we are going to do the same for the 21 Dec 21 trip. 6 pax per DM and the tenders are small. but other than that it seems good. We booked thru Blue Water Travel and they got us excellent terms (5% down and some discounts). - Bill
  8. billt4sf


    Hey Guy we are looking at the same boat for a bit later in the season. We could not find much, but we got good terms on their trip - through Blue Water Travel (5% down) - so we're going to go for it - at least for now. We found out that they have been in business for a number of years in the...
  9. billt4sf

    The Pioneer of Diving in Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia | 4K VIDEO

    You mean now? Or in a non-COVID environment? There were MANY such discussions beforehand. In short, you have to get to Sorong, a city on West Papua, Indonesia. You can come from Bali or Jakarta and maybe from Singapore through Makassar (not as developed an airport as Bali or Jakarta). Most LOBs...
  10. billt4sf

    The Pioneer of Diving in Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia | 4K VIDEO

    Max spends a lot of time in Sorido Bay Resort as far as I know. We met him a few times there. He is a devout 7th-Day Adventist which is why they don't dive (or do anything) at Sorido Bay on Saturdays. - Bill
  11. billt4sf

    Solitude Adventurer

    Oh yeah I totally get that, Luko. Not being an adherent of white wine, I stand guilty as charged. Not everyone can enjoy Beethoven’s Quartet #15 third movement *all* the time! Sometimes fools need to hear a little Dvorak Op 86 to clear the mind. :clapping: You know, in America we have a...
  12. billt4sf

    Solitude Adventurer

    Does anyone know about this boat? I haven't seen too many reviews. We're interested in her because (1) she's big, a catamaran, and my wife has a serious seasickness problem (yes, we've tried all the solutions; (2) they offer 90% refund if you cancel 60 days or more out; and (3) Raja Ampat...
  13. billt4sf

    I'll jump in

    Hello and it's nice to see some of the "old crowd" is still here! :happywave: Heard a good interview with Francis Collins, head of the NIH is the US yesterday. He laid out a situation that makes sense to me. He stated that there is a "good" chance that there will be a vaccine by about the end...
  14. billt4sf

    Gear purchases you DON’T regret

    SharksSkin wetsuit - I even used two tops and two bottoms for colder water. Not faster to get on than neoprene (because you have to put top and bottom on), but neutral and light in the suitcase. About $186 per piece at DRIS. Wash them in the clothes washer on delicate setting.
  15. billt4sf

    Great White spotted at Crystal Bay

    Unfortunately I think the scare mongering might bring in MORE divers, not fewer.
  16. billt4sf

    Great White spotted at Crystal Bay

    The usual panicky headline and a near useless video.
  17. billt4sf

    Environmental orgs in Indo?

    Thanks, but I was wondering is anyone on the list (especially those who live in the country) have any specific experience to bring to bear.
  18. billt4sf

    Environmental orgs in Indo?

    All of us think that the environment in Indo is worth preserving, if only for our own self-interest in bering able to enjoy it above and below the water. it certainly is something special on this Earth. Not too many of us believe that the Indo government is a good caretaker of it. Are there...
  19. billt4sf

    The Fight for Dragon Island

    Not an expert here - just a few-times tourist - but seems to me that there are many problems in Indo and Komodo with over-tourism and unmanaged development -- but loss of the dragon or dragon habitat doesn't seem to be one of the bigger problems -- I could be wrong...
  20. billt4sf

    Where to stay and who to dive with in Tulamben and Padang Bai?

    Because in Sea Breeze you don't have to hear the ferry horns. - Bill
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