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  1. OceanEyes

    Save the Goliath Grouper!

    Sorry about that. For several decades now I have subscribed to the New York Times and the local paper of record where I reside. I was unaware that you need a subscription to the Sun-Sentinel to access the article. To encapsulate: the article sated that pending a review, a three month season...
  2. OceanEyes

    Save the Goliath Grouper!

    Just saw this published in today's Florida Sun-Sentinel
  3. OceanEyes

    TONIGHT: "History's Greatest Mysteries: Expedition Bermuda Triangle"

    I suppose that if most of the people who watched and enjoyed James Cameron’s film “Titanic” decided not to see it because they knew how the story ended, Mr. Cameron would be making commercials for local used car dealerships in his hometown of Kapuskasing, Ontario these days. The journey is...
  4. OceanEyes

    "Quick Hydro"

    This shop is well south of you, (just a bit south of Ft. Lauderdale International Airport,) but did offer quick turnaround on hydros. I've used Marc Buck's services a bit in the past, but at the time he ran a cash only business. That dissuaded me from giving him more of my custom as I didn't...
  5. OceanEyes

    Unoffical Scubaboard Goliath Grouper aggregation dives Aug 21-2 and Sept 25-6

    Thank you for the leads on open spots @JimBlay. I actually have very little trouble finding spaces on charters heading out for Goliath dives, and usually avoid weekend diving during peak seasons. I’m a self employed commercial photographer and prefer to distance myself from crowds whenever...
  6. OceanEyes

    Unoffical Scubaboard Goliath Grouper aggregation dives Aug 21-2 and Sept 25-6

    I snooze, I lose. I’ve been waiting to see what Neptune had in store regarding the marine weather forecast before booking spots for the designated aggregation aggregation. Good news is that TS Grace now appears to be heading away from the SE coast of Florida. so seas should be quite manageable...
  7. OceanEyes

    Back-mounted counter-lungs for Meg/Pathfinder

    Nice to know that there is a pair available, but finding/purchasing them is only the secondary or tertiary reason that I started the thread. I was hoping that someone here who has experience diving with this particular equipment would chime in with their impressions. As you, @Haginheimer have...
  8. OceanEyes

    Name this Blenny (Florida waters), please

    The image is low res and the fish is only a small part of the entire image. I cannot zoom in on the subject, so positive ID is difficult. My first impression is that you found either a Rosy Razorfish, Hemipteronotus martinicensis or Green Razorfish, Hemipteronotus splendens It is definitely...
  9. OceanEyes

    Goliath Grouper Aggregation - Jupiter / WPB / Boynton Bch

    I heard via word of mouth that similar numbers were observed around the Zion/Wreck-trek on Wednesday.
  10. OceanEyes

    Satire on a thousand ways to die

    Using braided hoses.
  11. OceanEyes

    Back-mounted counter-lungs for Meg/Pathfinder

    Thanks @Asheron and @rjack321
  12. OceanEyes

    Back-mounted counter-lungs for Meg/Pathfinder

    Does anybody on this board have personal experience with aftermarket back-mounted counter-lungs for Megs or ISC Pathfinders? I’ve been woolgathering and hoping that ISC would offer a BMCL option for a dog’s age. The only option that I know of that is currently available, (I presume that it is...
  13. OceanEyes

    Shark diving

    To eat at Sylvia's, go to The Apollo, visit friends and family, and etc.
  14. OceanEyes

    Shark diving

    As this thread is in the basic forum, I presume that you are a relatively new diver, and based on your location in Colombia, have not experienced any dives with Emerald Charters or other operators in close proximity to Jupiter, Florida yet. I don’t know if there is any operation in the...
  15. OceanEyes

    Can underwater ammo explode?

    To the OP. Can it ignite, detonate, explode, or fizzle? Yes. Will it? That depends on the specific nature of the materials and the circumstances of their treatment. Unless you know precisely what you are looking at, and are certain that you know exactly how to treat it, you’re probably best...
  16. OceanEyes

    At what point should I get diver insurance?

    This thread is entitled "At what point should I get diver insurance?" Now. Jut join DAN. Hopefully you'll never need it, but it can be indispensable should the fates take a hand.
  17. OceanEyes

    Trip Report Back in SE FL 2021 part 4

    Water temperature was 58° on the Hydro Atlantic wreck off of Pompano yesterday. Today’s visit to the Lowrance was scrubbed. Rough seas were acceptable, but surface current was estimated at over 6 knots. Making turns for 4 knots, we were moving at 12 to the north. Even factoring in the added...
  18. OceanEyes

    Some help about Miami diving

    Hello @peeweediver You’ve been active on this site for over a decade, so I hate to have to say this but; “the search function is your friend.” Many folks have answered your query succulently and specifically in the not too distant past. I’ve done so several times. Miami is a fairly large...
  19. OceanEyes

    Blue Heron Bridge Trolls III

    Pura Vida Divers can fulfill your needs regarding rental gear, guide services, and instruction. I don’t know if they will bring all of the gear to BHB, but you’ll need to go to the shop when you arrange for the kid’s rentals to ensure proper sizing. They run a lot of Discover Diving clinics, and...
  20. OceanEyes

    Rebreather or Anesthesia machine?

    Decisions, decisions. Fish, or cut bait?
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