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    Vintage Scubapro Air1 2nd Stages and Balanced G200's

    Cleaning out the dive locker and have several Air1 and G200 2nd Stages FREE to a good home. If you are rebuilding some old Scubapro stuff there may be parts here. Also an old MK 10 First stage and Dive knife in the bag. You pay the shipping UPS ground and it is yours. PM me if interested. In 2...
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    comparing cruise lines....??

    Thinking way outside the box here but why would you go to the Caribbean on a cruise boat after you have been there numerous times diving? Nothing changed. Why not try a Alaska cruise or better yet a Viking River cruise from Budapest to Nuremberg or a Normandt France cruise. Not diving so do...
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    2014 SEC Football Discussion Thread

    Diver 85 I agree. Is it possible for all four teams in the Championship tourney to be from the SEC.
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    Housing o-ring growing?!

    Toast. Cut it in half and trash it. The issue is that the chemical compound in some orings reacts differently with different formulas of greases. Different companies use different formulas for both. This come from over 40 years experience with orings used in underwater environments.
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    Housing o-ring growing?!

    If you are not using the recommended Silicone grease what you are seeing is one of the reactions: swelling. Check your grease.
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    prescription drugs?

    I have traveled for years with my prescription meds. I carry them in a week long day dispenser. I have never carried my bottle or copy of my prescription and have never had a problem. When all of the TSA inspectors get their MD's and know what taking Sitagliptin twice a day is for I'll start...
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    2014 SEC Football Discussion Thread

    I am a big fan of the SEC, colleges premier conference, but did any of the teams play anybody worth playing yesterday? The Big Ten sucks, has and will always suck, BUT at least they played real football teams yesterday. When you beat a no name team 73 to 3, big whoop, but when you get humiliated...
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    Bad Experience - All 4 Diving (Phuket)

    I don't know how many threads have been on this site talking about dive accidents where " My buddy was right there hanging on the line and I went up" only to find same buddy drowned on the bottom. It matters not what the guide was doing, if his reel came loose or not, he put his client at risk...
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    Soaking Camera housings?

    I would advise that you use only the silicone recommended by Ikelite. Some silicone greases can have a chemical reaction with the oring causing them to swell or get brittle, neither of which are a good thing.
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    Oh no! Another accident at Molokini this morning!

    I agree with Vincent 54 the Captain is responsible and trails in CA have agreed. Most vacationers assume that the Captain will only allow them in the water if it is safe. Most vacationers are dumber than a box of rocks and figure I paid for it I'm going in. If I am sitting on the boat watching...
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    Andros Island dive shops that deliver?

    If you are at AUTEC, Small Hope Bay is your best choice. Call them and they probably will pick you up at the gate for a two tanker.
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    Early Sept Cayman aggressor or Turks & Caicos Explorer

    We did GC during Hurricane Ike and it sucked. I do not see what people see in GC diving as it is no different than much of Florida.
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    Oh no! Another accident at Molokini this morning!

    While this indeed is bad news, will the Captain be held responsible for allowing people in the water in such adverse conditions or is this going to be another case of the release waiver override?
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    Can someone explain the Water Rescue Dogs?

    Welcome to the Newfoundland Club of America: Water work Newfoundland Dogs also Known as St Johns dogs have been used as water rescue dogs for hundreds of years. They have an outstanding record of saves and the modern version is trained to jump from helicopters for rescues. In our club or...
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    Please stop feeding the sharks at half moon caye

    They did the same exact thing on the wrecks off Oahu. They had divers in the water actually feeding the morays while the sub went cruising by. The problem with this was the sound of exhausted air became a dinner bell for some very large morays. When a six foot moray swims up inside your BC...
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    Kona Aggressor-First Liveaboard

    Contact the Kona Aggressor itself. They usually have a land based office that can accommodate that request. Phone number should be in the Know before you go package. Clothing for the boat : 3 swimsuits ( hang them on the rail to dry between dives) 6 tee shirts 7 skivvies 3 shorts, a warm...
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    Please stop feeding the sharks at half moon caye

    The Aggressor fed the sharks on my last trip and I was none to pleased. During lunch one of the crew would fish off the back of the boat, then cut the fish up and place it in a feed bucket tied to the wall. We would then start the dive with the old " Sometimes there are reef sharks here" and...
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    Goliath grouper season

    Having eaten a 300 lb grouper taken in Gitmo back in the day I can tell you a 800 lb grouper will not be very good eating plus you better be a damn good shot or you will be going on the ride of your life. Get the 20 to 30 pounders for dining and leave the big ones alone for breeding.
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    Diver Death Belize Blue Hole

    The problem with hanging tanks is they never hang enough. Worse case is what needs to be planned for and hanging 2 tanks for 6 divers is in a word dumb. In Truk, the Odyssea hangs 2 tanks at 90 ft for the San Fransisco Maru dive. The day we dove it they dove in three groups ten minutes apart...
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    How to dive Truk

    My wife and I Did a trip on the Truk Odyssea 2 years ago. Without a doubt the best live aboard I have ever dove from. You can get 100's or doubles if you request. You can dive on your own or with a very knowledgeable guide. We did the San Fransico Maru with a 6 minute BT. Pushing it in my...
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