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  1. BalekFekete

    Want to Buy Freedom Plate, Small SS / 23# VDH wing

    Hi all, I'm chalking this up to "in the realm of hitting the Powerball odds", but zero chance if I don't throw it out there... The Mrs. is tired of watching my perfect trim (riiiiight....) in my sexy Freedom Plate/VDH combo and wants her own. Understanding both suppliers are in a 'stop...
  2. BalekFekete

    Aldora's steel tanks - brand/weight?

    Hi everyone - I'm starting research on a potential first Coz trip and am looking at Aldora due to their steel 100/120s. For a relative air hog like me, that'd be a Godsend. :) Question tho'...anyone know what brand they use or how much they weigh in the water? I'm diving a SS Freedom Plate...
  3. BalekFekete

    Compact video light options?

    Hi all - I’m considering adding a video light to a TG-6 / single Inon S2000 rig, but have no idea on what would be a good option, either on a to-be added second arm or more ideally perhaps in the cold shoe. Any experts here care to offer up recommendations. Not much of a budget restriction...
  4. BalekFekete

    Recommendations for first Coz trip?

    Hi everyone - I need a schooling please on diving Coz. I have it on a short list for a 2022 trip but have never been. Background: wife and I are AOW with (by next year) about 75 dives under our integrated weights. We are fully kitted so only need tanks/weights. Don’t need to pinch...
  5. BalekFekete

    Props to Deep6 (specifically Bert)!

    I wanted to share a quick story of my latest interaction with the Deep6 crew. My wife, daughter, and I were due to finally head down to Key Largo for some diving last week. This was to be my daughters first dives after certification, so we were all very excited needless to say. It had been...
  6. BalekFekete

    Argonaut 23# wing - changing inflator hose

    Quick question - picked up a 23# wing, but when I received it the inflator hose seems a bit on the short side. I ordered up a 19" hose and, if the above is true and I need to swap it out, is there anything special I should know in order to change them? Or is this something to leave in the...
  7. BalekFekete

    Check my shopping cart - BP/W harness components

    Hi everyone, I'm taking my first dive *insert rimshot here* into a BP/W setup now, and only have the harness left to buy. Here is what I'm thinking will make for a complete package, however, I'm resisting pressing the Checkout button without some expert confirmation. Any help is much...
  8. BalekFekete

    Any existing Adventure Aquarium volunteers?

    I'm wondering if there are any current volunteers at Adventure Aquarium in Camdem, NJ on the boards here? My wife and I are considering putting in an application now that we are empty nesters, but would like to see if we can get a better idea of what the routine is before filling out the forms...
  9. BalekFekete

    Want to Buy VDH 23# Argonaut Wing

    *Update: found one. :D * Know it's a longshot, but who knows...maybe someone out there looking to streamline their dive locker??
  10. BalekFekete

    Freedom Plate / Deep 6 wing compatibility?

    Has anyone set up a BP/W using a Freedom Plate and a wing from Deep 6? I have the former - size medium - in the mail right now and am in the market for a wing. While I'm leaning towards the recommended VDH wing, I'm also a fanboi here of Deep6. If it's compatible and someone has made it work...
  11. BalekFekete

    Which spool to attach transmitter to HP hose?

    Hi all, Just received a new (to me) Perdix AI and will be installing it on a short hose to my first stage. The question I have is what spool should I be using? My only other experience with AI was on my Suunto Vyper Novo which came with the spool/flow restrictor as part of the recall update...
  12. BalekFekete

    Best software to match to Perdix AI?

    I drank the KoolAid and have a Perdix AI on it's way to me as I type. :yeahbaby: What is the best available software/app (I'm on an iPhone) to match it with for managing dive logs electronically. I'll still keep the paper logs as it's a nice little ritual with my dive buddy a.k.a. wife after...
  13. BalekFekete

    Review - Sandals Grenada

    Now decompressing from a week and change at the Sandals resort in Grenada, I thought it might prove useful to someone to give a quick review of the resort and, for purposes here, the dive operations and experience. A few words as a foreward. This review is coming from an inexperienced diver...
  14. BalekFekete

    Want to Buy Tray and arm(s)

    I'm in the market for a tray and arm(s) that can be used with a new TG-6 and PT-059 housing that I recently purchased but haven't had a chance to dive with. Just booked a trip to Grenada in mid-January so time to finish the kit. :) Hoping someone has a setup that they're not using anymore and...
  15. BalekFekete

    S&S YS-D2J vs. Inon Z330

    In the market to match a strobe up with a TG-6 that I just picked up and can’t decide which way to go. I’m still an incredibly novice diver and UW photographer (limited to a Hero4 so far). As such, I want to tap into the expertise here. I can see a mix of wide and macro shooting in about equal...
  16. BalekFekete

    Anyone diving Dutch Springs during Expo?

    Dropping in quick to see if anyone will be up for the Expo at Dutch Springs next weekend, June 8th or 9th? I've got two adult kids who will be doing their OW checkout dives those days which would make it neat to be up there to watch. But...well, if I'm going to be there...might as well dive...
  17. BalekFekete

    Closed: Deep 6 Signature Single Tank Packages

    I didn't want to do this, but for sale are Deep 6 Signature Series single tank setup. They were purchased last month for my adult kids who we thought were going to certify this summer and dive with my wife and myself but now each have schedules that just won’t allow that. How does the saying...
  18. BalekFekete

    Today was Christmas...!

    Can't wait to get some pool time in the immediate future. Son already tried to steal the boots/fins which I instantly put the kabosh on needless to say! :D
  19. BalekFekete

    BCD question - potential hazards with buying old stock

    Hi everyone, My wife and I are in the process of gearing up after getting our OW certification last year. I'm hoping to get some feedback here on what potential issues could be hidden in the potential purchase of a new, never wet BCD, but that is coming out of old stock. I've found what seems...
  20. BalekFekete

    Want to Buy ScubaPro LadyHawk or Zeagle Zena, size L

    Anyone happen to have either of the above BCDs that are languishing in your closets after e.g. a move to BP/W which would deserve a better and more active home? Looking to finish outfitting the Mrs. with her own equipment and the BCD is one of the last pieces to pull together. Buelller....Bueller?
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