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    Getting certified (OW)

    Hi guys, thanks a lot for your replies. Thanks for your recommendations on OW classes. Have you been to Derawan/Maratua/Kakaban/Sangalaki? Do you know whether there's a dive instructor there? Because I'm going to Indonesia soon, I think I can't complete a full OW class (theory, pool and dives)...
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    Getting certified (OW)

    Hi there, Here in Singapore people usually do their PADI OW certification in nearby dive sites in West Malaysia like Tioman, Redang or Perhentian. But I intend to take the classes and pool session in Singapore and do the OW dives in Derawan, Indonesia. But it's likely that I'm the only person...
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    Where to dive in Balikpapan

    hi Sinbad, Gun & Vladimir, I'm new to diving but recently built an interest on it. I wonder where in Balikpapan I can get a diving certification (like PADI Open Water). Thanks.
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