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  1. ATJ

    Nikon D500 - Can you change the aperture without using the sub-command dial?

    After not being able to dive for 3 months (due to COVID restrictions in Sydney), I was setting up my camera rig on Monday morning for my first dive when I discovered that I'd lost a ring from inside the housing (Ikelite) that pushes against the sub-command dial and allows me to change the...
  2. ATJ

    Incorrect Surface Interval on Perdix AI

    Under normal circumstances I dive every weekend and sometimes on weekdays. Unfortunately, Greater Sydney is on "Stay at Home" orders and I haven't been able to dive since 9 July - 59 days ago. I just turned my Perdix AI on and it says the surface interval is 40 days. Now, 2 years ago I was...
  3. ATJ


    Has anyone bought from DiverVision recently? I have used them in the past with no issues but they haven't been returning my emails and I'm reluctant to place an order.
  4. ATJ

    Filling and Humidity

    I was chatting to the owner of the company that services my gear, hydros my tanks and sold me my compressor about when it is ok to fill tanks. He said I should not fill my tanks if the relative humidity is greater than 75%. When I first thought about it, it made sense. The less water there is...
  5. ATJ

    Is this Bühlmann or do Garmin have it wrong?

    I was playing with the Dive Planner feature on my Garmin Descent Mk1. I'm using GF40/85. If I put in a 30m dive on 21% it tells me the NDL is 12 minutes. Seems low, but I can accept that as I have medium conservatism. I can then plan a second dive. If I put in a 60 minute surface interval...
  6. ATJ

    Shearwater Desktop: What happened to my data?

    I'm running Shearwater Desktop 3.1.5 on a Mac Mini running Sierra. I had a hard disk failure and after installing a new SSD into the Mac Mini, I restored from Time Machine. When I opened Shearwater Desktop after the restore it is missing the last 4 dives. i.e. the last dive it shows is from 17...
  7. ATJ

    Should these be suitable for baffles for my Nitrox Stick?

    I made these from lengths of acrylic. I heated them up in the oven (5 minutes @ 150ºC) and twisted them into shape. Two of them twist one way and the other twists the other. The plan is to have line them up so the one that twists the other way is in the middle. They are made from 40mm wide...
  8. ATJ

    Nitrox Stick with Bauer PE-100

    I see lots of posts about Bauer Junior II but none specifically about Nitrox and Bauer PE-100 Is anyone here using a Nitrox stick with a Bauer PE-100? Thanks,
  9. ATJ

    Perdix AI recorded incorrect Surface Interval for dive

    Note: This is not a safety issue but rather incorrect data being written for a dive. I've had a medical issue that has prevented me from diving for a little over 6 weeks (my longest non diving period in a couple of decades). I finally got back in the water 48 days after my last dive. For the...
  10. ATJ

    Shearwater Cloud 2.5.0 - No Gas Data

    I'm sure 2.4.1 showed all the gas data from my Perdix AI and even graphed it. It is not showing at all with 2.5.0. If I export a dive to XML, the gas data is there.
  11. ATJ

    The application “Shearwater” can’t be opened. -42

    I tried to start the Shearwater Desktop app on my Mac (10.12.6) and I get the above message. I tried reinstalling but I get the same. I suspect rebooting might fix it but I can't at the moment as I'm running a long job that I don't want to kill. Any other ideas? Where is the data stored...
  12. ATJ

    Pee valves: "Up and Over" or "Down and Under/Through"?

    I'd love to know people's preferences for routing of the line to their pee valve. Ive just installed a Halcyon pee valve in my DUI suit and I used it for the first time yesterday. I haven't cut the norprene tube at all and it was perfect length for "up and over" (my undergarments are all two...
  13. ATJ

    Garmin Descent MK1 Comparison Graphs

    I was bored today because it's too rough to dive so I put some charts together comparing the Descent MK1 with my Shearwater Perdix AI (and Citizen Hyper Aqualand and Oceanic Atom 3.0). I've only had the chance to do one dive so far with the Descent MK1 so I'm using that dive. Here is the depth...
  14. ATJ

    Dive logger, watch or computer

    I'm looking for a dive watch, dive computer or dive logger to replace my 12 year old Citizen Cyber AqualandNX that has just died. I still have my 17 year old Citizen Hyper Aqualand but I know that it will be dead too once the battery goes. I need something with: * A display * logs depth and...
  15. ATJ

    Filling 300 bar tank using DIN to Yoke Fill Adaptor

    How safe is it to fill a 300 bar tank to 300 bar using a DIN to Yoke Fill Adapter like this: The description claims the adapter is rated to 300 bar but what about the yoke fill whip? Are people regularly...
  16. ATJ

    Which CCR?

    I am considering getting a CCR mainly for diving around Sydney, Australia but would also use it further afield where appropriate. There is a particular dive site in southern Sydney (called The Leap) which I dive very frequently and I think a CCR would be very useful. The site is usually a...
  17. ATJ

    SCUBAPRO Chromis - Logging

    When you sync a SCUBAPRO Chromis with a PC or Mac and read the logs, does it record the dive start time in HH:MM:SS or just HH:MM? Also, what is the sample rate for depth in the log? The reason I ask is I currently have a couple of Citizen watches (Hyper Aqualand and Cyber Aqualand NX) which I...
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