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    Any worthwhile diving in Croatia?

    Hi all, I’m off to Croatia next week. An amazing feeling, being able to travel again. I’ve missed diving so much, and am wondering if there are any truly worthwhile dive sites in Croatia? I will, without doubt, dive there anyway - just to get back in the water, experience warm seas and great vis...
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    Apo Reef - thoughts?

    I haven’t seen a whole load on here about Apo Reef, but it’s a site I’m considering as part of my Philippines holiday next March. Is it worthwhile making a day trip, overnight or longer LOB trip to... Or not? What are the chances in March of seeing large pelagics as well as reef fish and...
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    Philippines - where, oh where?

    Hi, I have my first trip to the Philippines next March for two weeks and am tearing my hair out slightly over where to dive. So spoiled for choice - not a bad dilemma to have, lol! I’m AOW with approx. 150 dives and will be travelling solo on a pretty tight budget. Generally speaking, I love a...
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    Andaman Islands, anyone?

    I’m visiting the Andaman Islands for three weeks in December. Please does anyone have recommendations for places to see and dive? I get the impression that despite its wilderness reputation, some of the more wellknown dive bases are actually pretty busy. I’d like to get as far off the beaten...
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    Please does anyone have any tips or recommendations for diving in Madagascar, particularly any northern liveaboards? Fingers crossed, I'm hoping to get there in November. Any help much appreciated - thank you in advance!
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    MY Amelia, anyone?

    Please has anyone dived on this boat? I'm looking at a Brothers trip aboard her next year, but can find barely any info/reviews online. Any tips very gratefully appreciated!
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    Whale Sharks - Holbox or Isla Mujeras?

    I'm hoping to visit Mexico for the first time next July, in search of whale sharks and, of course, great diving! Do people think Holbox or Isla Mujeres is a better bet as a base ffor a couple of days to take a whale shark trip? Cost is a factor as I'm on a tight budget, but the main thing is...
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    Diving Myanmar?

    Please does anyone have any recent observations or recommendations on diving Myanmar? Objective, accurate info seems remarkably hard to come by on the net. I'd like to combine a liveaboard there with one in Thailand, but I'm on a pretty tight budget, so I haven't ruled out shore-based diving...
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    Thailand Liveaboard, Feb 2017?

    Hi, please can anyone recommend a good liveaboard in Thailand (eg Ko Lipe area) for next February? I'm looking for a trip of around a week, and am on a fairly tight budget. I also need flights from the UK, so any advice on packages would also be welcome! Many thanks in advance.
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