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  1. shucksun

    Trip Report International Dive Report: Ocean Safari Charter to the Sea of Cortez on the Nautilus Gallant Lady 10-30-21 to 11-5-21

    This was my first international live-aboard trip, and was initially planned during the middle of the Covid outbreak in the United States. I chose this itinerary specifically because it was relatively close to the US, was modest in length and visited an area on my bucket list. We dove the...
  2. shucksun

    Dive Report: Divers Cove, Laguna Beach Sunday 8-16-20 0800

    Very crowded on Cliff Drive this AM, I arrived at 0715 and got one of the last spots available anywhere near Divers Cove/Heisler Park. Great surface conditions (see link below), not so great underwater. Viz was poor at 10’-15’, with a slight surge. Water temps; surface 71F, 64F at 25FSW...
  3. shucksun

    Dive Report: Olympic Wreck and Oil Rigs, Sunday 8-2-20.

    Dive Report: Olympic Wreck and Oil Rigs, Sunday 8-2-20. So why do I endure the countless marginal dive days that I do, and still keep diving? Because you have to keep swinging the bat to occasionally strike those big hits. Yesterday we connected. Olympic wreck: viz below 75' was...maybe the...
  4. shucksun

    Dive Report: Yukon Artificial Reef, San Diego CA 7-30-20

    After suffering poor visibility on the Yukon a few weeks ago we decided a return visit was in order. Under overcast skies and bouncy swells we dropped back down through the green murk to find nearly bluebird conditions on the wreck, viz was 50' or better. With glee we set to work on our...
  5. shucksun

    Dive Report: Anacapa Island Off The Peace. Sat. July 25th, 2020.

    I was out on the Peace Dive Boat for the first time since the boat changed hands and the Covid-19 restrictions are in place. I am happy to report that the "new" crew (some new faces and some familiar ones) are carrying out the same high level of service that the Peace has historically been known...
  6. shucksun

    Dive Report: Crescent Bay; Deadmans Reef, Wed. 7-22-20 0830.

    Well, better diving conditions have returned. We had an excellent dive today on Deadmans. Viz was 15'-20', with the inner reef a tad bit better. Had the sun been out versus today's overcast skies viz might have reached 25'. It was still green, but a hazy clean green instead of the green murk of...
  7. shucksun

    Dive Boat Report: Catalina Island Sunday 7-12-20

    I crewed on the Giant Stride today and we put a group of divers on three spots at Catalina Island. After diving horrible viz down on the Yukon at San Diego on Friday I didn't know what to expect at Catalina. Today was absolutely beautiful above and below the water. Our diving sites were near...
  8. shucksun

    Dive Report: The Yukon Artificial Reef, San Diego Friday 7-10-'20

    Dive Buddy Mark and I teamed up for a two tank dive out of Waterhorse Charters in Mission Bay to dive the Yukon. Given that it is July, I had my visibility prediction meter set on low and that proved to be the correct setting with one pleasant exception. Surface conditions at the anchorage were...
  9. shucksun

    Dive Report: Near Terranea Resort, Palos Verdes, CA. 6-8-20

    We put divers on two sites near the Terranea Resort today with almost unbelievable vizibility (for PV) on Dive 2. The morning started out with fairly stiff offshore breezes that were predicted to end by mid morning. We anchored over the first reef with white caps on the surface, but true to the...
  10. shucksun

    Dive Conditions Off PV: Sat. 3-7-20

    We were off PV Saturday putting our clients on Hawthorne, Bio-Dome and The Garden Spot reefs. Viz was 25' (58F), 20' (58F) and 10' (61F) respectively. Capt. Jim and the Crew on Instagram: “Happy divers after three dives on the local reefs off Palos Verdes. (Photo by Jeff Laity)” A pair of...
  11. shucksun

    Flash Dive Report: Divers Cove, Laguna Beach, Sat. 2-8-20

    Walk in, walk out. Viz 25+' on the outer edge of reef, 40' or better in the grotto. 60F. Best conditions all year.
  12. shucksun

    Flash Dive Report: Divers Cove, Laguna Beach, 2-1-2020

    It was a "Chamber of Commerce" day at Laguna Beach CA today, beach temps in the mid 80's, bright sunshine, no wind. Dive details in the linked photo caption. Jeff "J" Reeb Dark-Thirty Divers The Giant Stride
  13. shucksun

    Dive Report: Sun./Mon 1/26-27/2020

    Sunday: "Amazing conditions at Catalina Island today. 1st Dive at Crane Base, 60' viz, 57F. Dive 2 at Isthmus Reef NW West Wall, viz 80', 57F. Blue Caverns, drift dive south from the drop, viz 60', 57F. It was blue water all day, glassy surface conditions, overcast skies." Monday: "The dive...
  14. shucksun

    Flash Dive Report: Crescent Bay, Deadman's Reef, 1-20-20 8:30AM

    We dove Deadman's Reef today with decent conditions. viz was 25'-25+', an improvement over Shaws on Wednesday when we only had 10'-15'. Lots of fish schools out; Sargos, Calico Bass and Blacksmiths. Numerous lobster too. Some 1' sets in the surfline, with lulls. Divemetrics: 60min, 56', 60F...
  15. shucksun

    Flash Dive Report: Heisler Park, Laguna Beach, 1-11-2020 8:30AM

    Pretty dang nice out there yesterday! Viz on the main reef was a disappointing 10+' on the outside, but a very pleasant hazy 20'-25+' on the inside of the West Pinnacle. Walk in/Walk out with a lazy 1' soft swell. More sargassum than I needed to see. The kelp around the East pinnacle is bouncing...
  16. shucksun

    Flash Dive Report: Lobster Harvest Outing To Catalina Island, 1-9-20

    Last night we took a small group of divers to Catalina Island to harvest lobsters. Although Small Craft Advisories were in effect, conditions still looked quite reasonable. Leaving at 4:30 PM we motored to CI through 4-6' swells and were on the dive site by 7ish, three divers made one dive, two...
  17. shucksun

    Catalina Westend Including Farnsworth Bank and the Midnight Hour Wreck, 1-4-2020

    So it looks like dive conditions are starting to turn for the better, we dove three sites off Catalina Island yesterday and conditions were pretty good everywhere. What we're seeing is an influx of clean blue water diluting the green water that's been hanging out here all year long, resulting in...
  18. shucksun

    Dive Report: African Queen Wreck and Oil Rigs, 1-3-2020

    Friday 1-3-2020 we did a two dive trip on the Giant Stride to the African Queen and the twin oil rigs. Surface conditions were truly off the hook. We started out with a bit of wind chop but it tired out and by 11:00 AM things were looking glassy. The AQ was typical, I’ve never had good viz on...
  19. shucksun

    Flash Dive Report: Giant Stride Trip to Socal Oil Rigs, Sunday 1-22-19

    Dive 1: Ellen, 22 mins to 64', 60F, viz 25'. Choppy, grey surface conditions, 10 knot wind. Calm underwater. Dive 2: Eureka, 19 mins to 53', 60F, viz 15'-20' very green, still choppy, sun breaking out, calm underwater. Jeff "J." Reeb
  20. shucksun

    Dive Report: Santa Barbara Island Aboard The Bottom Scratcher 12/10-12, 2019

    I was extremely fortunate to be invited to join a very small crew on the Bottom Scratcher to participate in a scouting trip to Santa Barbara Island. The Bottom Scratcher is perhaps one of the longest tenured boats in the Socal diving scene. Under new ownership, the boat is being renovated bit...
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