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    Fiji Live-aboards?

    Yeah, I know. As I said, "expensive" is not a deal-breaker. Being fully booked when we can/want to go is. All indications are it's a great boat. I'm also struggling to find the "sweet spot" for the optimal TIME for a scuba trip to Fiji. It seems there's no ideal time: visibility, wildlife...
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    Fiji Live-aboards?

    Thanks. I have no doubt that Nai'a is a great operation -- I'd love to do it. But it's booked up well into next year (booked solid at the times we can/want to go). Oh well, maybe 2023.
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    Difference Between Feeding & Observation Bull Shark Dives At PDC?

    I've been told (by people who are knowledgeable and who have no skin in the game) that it's never a good idea to feed ANY wild animal -- bears, sharks, whatever. It's not good for them (changes their behavior), and it's not good for you (one of the changes in their behavior is they start to...
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    Fiji Live-aboards?

    Thinking about a live-aboard in Fiji in either 2022 or 2023 (we'll see how COVID goes...). I only know of one live-aboard there: "Nai'a" - which looks very good, but that one's both expensive (not necessarily a deal-breaker) and also booked up pretty solid for the times that would work for us...
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    Trip Report Cozumel - Presidente and Scuba Du May 2021

    Sounds like a great time. We LOVE the El President there, not cheap but it's soooooo nice (and we are spoiled) that we have a hard time looking elsewhere. One of our favorite places we've ever stayed anywhere. Glad to hear it's still good.
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    Cozumel is heading back to “normal”

    How is Mexico (Cozumel in particular) doing with their COVID vaccinations? Personally, that's what I'm waiting for. Not because I'm "afraid" (that trope is consonantly trotted out by COVID denialists to smear others who raise inconvenient facts), but because I'm more concerned with "doing the...
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    El Moro needs help

    Love the Gift Card idea. If it's possible, I'd kick in $100 for one. I'm not headed to Coz for some time, they can have my hundred bucks for a while. When I eventually do show up, me and the wife would eat one nice meal there (probably what, under 40 or 50 bucks unless you go absolutely...
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    New (Additional) Tourist Tax

    Rather than using my tax dollars to promote additional tourism, personally, I would be happy to pay a tax that would be used to STOP further tourism ($10 a day to keep cruise ships out would be OK with me), but I doubt that would go over.
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    $3000 airfare to Coz!

    I am currently on hold for United Airlines. Wait time is estimated at "more than 2 hours". I think I will try again later. There is definitely a lot of travel-related churn currently taking place that's driven by new optimism, among other things (expecting to receive a $1400 check might also...
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    $3000 airfare to Coz!

    I was on the phone this morning to American Airlines and had about an hour wait on hold to get through to speak with a human. The CS agent I spoke with sounded like he was slammed. I suspect there are many factors at play here: Optimism -- some of it completely justified, some of it very...
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    Current COVID status on Roatan

    But inconvenient, so often ignored/denied/wished away.
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    Utila Dive Shops with Social Distancing?

    Let's be honest. The CDC is urging people not to travel. Those people who are traveling to tropical dive vacations are ignoring that guidance. They don't think the rules apply to them, they don't want to put up with the inconveniences of wearing masks, deferring travel, or anything else...
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    Recommendations for first Coz trip?

    I'll keep it simple. Don't stay at an AI. You miss all the great food in town, and the town itself is fairly charming, especially when the cruisers depart. You will want to be close enough to town that it's not a hassle to get there and back. We love staying at the Intercontinental El...
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    Covid testing in Cozumel

    The link above with the Lithuanian tourist is just one example - he tested positive at the CUN airport as he was trying to board his flight home, was denied boarding, detained at the airport, then protested how he was being mistreated so badly, he was told to go to a hotel to quarantine, he...
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    Canada flights cancelled

    Not to mention the risk of your own and/or your family's death, and (perish the thought) at least some consideration for the countless others who might be taken by the pandemic as you spread it....that might be a consideration, too. But obviously, not so much to actually dissuade people. Gotta...
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    Covid testing in Cozumel

    Some perspective: The vaccines have only been out for a few weeks. The first jabs were given around Christmas (my wife is a nurse, she got hers on December 20, on one of the very first days they were administered). We are still at the beginning of the beginning of this. None of the vaccines...
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    Covid testing in Cozumel

    Yes, and yes. And that's what has made public health officials (and governments that listen to them) so worried. The data is still preliminary, but from the data available, is appears the South Africa variant is the one that is most worrisome. ALL the vaccines tested against the South Africa...
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    Uneasy feeling of booking an August trip

    Oh, that's not so hard....but you won't like the solution. The only way to get to a time when the restrictions go away, is to impose tougher restrictions now, and -- here's the hard part -- get people to actually follow them. The reason we have restrictions now is because people have refused...
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    Covid testing in Cozumel

    Not soon enough. "We are in a national emergency. It's time we acted like it." Yep.
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    Ultramar Ferry suspended for exceeding capacity

    Well, Linda Ellerbee stole it from Kurt Vonnegut - specifically from his masterpiece, Slaughterhouse-Five (1969). “Take life seriously but none of the people in it.”
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