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  1. Bowers

    Caves north of florida?

    Ive been trying to find caves to dive a little shorter drive from home. I live in ohio and usually go to florida. Is anyone aware of a good area that has a couple nice caves to spend a few days at? Maybe georgia? Google showed me radium springs but thats about all im finding as of yet.
  2. Bowers

    How old of regs would you use?

    I know that many regs can be serviced and used for decades as personal regs, but what about professional use? Our dive team regs are 20 year old aqualung glacia’s. They can still be serviced so we still use them. They have the larger diameter primary reg lp port and seem to have problems...
  3. Bowers

    Aga ffm or other options for dive team??

    I am on a psd team that is in need of new equipment. Years ago we were gifted a few aga masks with coms. Now we are looking at getting more ffm’s for more team members and better size options. (I personally have to REALLY crank down the straps to get seal). I’ve noticed a lot of good reviews...
  4. Bowers

    Closed Lp95s twinset

    I have a set of lp95s banded with isolation manifold. They have current hydro’s and the last viz was done last august (i fill my own so i dont keep stickers on them) They have been used all winter and are now stored with a couple hundred psi. Willing to split them and keep the hardware/valves...
  5. Bowers

    What service kit do i need?

    It has come time to service a sherwood blizzard second stage that was breathing hard so i left sitting on a shelf. I’ve tried adjusting it but it goes from breathing hard to freeflow and nothing in between, and my ip is correct with no creep. It’s one of the smaller ones before they made the...
  6. Bowers

    Compact camera options

    Hello, I’m looking for a new camera to take diving. I currently have a gopro hero3 silver and have been happy with it, but it no longer links up to my phone via wifi. Im getting tired of pulling the card to download my pictures, so id like to get another camera. My wife has an akaso that was...
  7. Bowers

    Closed H valve

    Nice condition H-valve. Came on a tank i recently bought and i don't need it. Best i can tell is this would be about $140 new so I'm asking $75.
  8. Bowers

    Closed Hp steel Tanks

    I have two sets. HP117’s and HP130’s. Both sets currently doubles. Luxfer and in current hydro. Asking $800 for the 130s and $700 for the 117s. Willing to separate into singles and sell at a cheaper price so i can keep the modular valves and manifolds. Willing to ship on your dime but...
  9. Bowers

    underwater geocaching? ohio?

    I know scuba geocaching is a thing but i wonder; do divers generally use latitude and longitude of the excact site, or once at the dive site do the clues usually give more of a heading and distance from entry point? I cant find information on any caches in the quarries near me and was thinking...
  10. Bowers

    drysuit in hot shed...

    So ive been storing my gear in two separate rooms of my house and running out of space fast... I finally found a good deal on an 8'x12' shed and converted it to a scuba shed! My learning experience from this was that with recent heatwaves here in Ohio, the temputures got VERY hot in my shed...
  11. Bowers

    how to sidemount with lp72's

    I have recently been getting into sidemount. I took the class wearing a manta and lp85's clipped to a butt plate, with no problem getting things to trim out. Then i put together my own sidemount rig that is fairly minimalistic. I dove with al40's clipped to d rings on my waist the other day...
  12. Bowers

    Topping off nitrox to get a desired mix

    So i have some doubles that have 32% and only 1300psi left. I can fill air for free at my fire dept. So I usually just top off then check O2 if i dont need another nitrox fill. However this week im planning a dive that would be ideal to have 29% and doesnt need that many cubic feet, so i...
  13. Bowers

    WTB 1/2" nps valve

    after posting about a tank i just aquired with an unusual (to me) valve, i got the answer i was looking for. Now im in the market for a 1/2" NPS valve that will work for an old steel 72. anybody with an old one laying around that they're willing to part with?
  14. Bowers

    what valve do i need?

    I recently obtained a steel 72 off ebay. it came with current viz and hydro, but the brand new xs scuba valve was only partway in and had pipe tape sealing it (with very slow leak). on further inspection it was not the standard 1" valve threads that my other tanks have. though it measures...
  15. Bowers

    extension adaptor for scba fill station?

    I have been filling my tanks at the firehouse without difficulty for a few years now. However, i just got some doubles and want to fill them as well. The fill station however has a blast chamber that holds 2 tanks but has a divider down the middle that doesnt play well with the tank bands and...
  16. Bowers

    For Sale henderson 3mm front zip shorty, size 5xl

    I picked up a package deal of gear and got this wetsuit, but it is too big for me. In great condition, spent most of its life in storage. new for this size is around $160. Asking $100 obo +shipping. paypal preferred
  17. Bowers

    turning a swift water drysuit into a scuba drysuit?

    im in need of a new drysuit. I plan to use it for open water dives were it is at little risk of abrasion or nasty chemicals and such. but as funding for a new suit is a bit low at the moment, ive been wondering: could i add valves to a swiftwater drysuit to make it scuba worthy? has anyone...
  18. Bowers

    ppO2 for nitrox, why so low?

    I was parusing some information about oxygen toxicity the other day and came upon this graph: 3-6 hours at 2.0 I have been using tables that set limits based on 1.4 and even my dive computer only allows conservency settings to go as high as 1.6. However for average days of diving at deeper...
  19. Bowers

    finding megalodon teeth

    im heading to SC this weekend and had plans to meet someone and dive cooper river to find teeth. plans fell through but im still going to SC and will be camping at huntington beach. Ive tried to call a few cooper river charters hoping to get my wife and I on last minute, but no answers. so...
  20. Bowers

    bands and manifolds for mini doubles

    I've posted before about practicality of mini doubles, and have also seen double lp50s used a few times now. My question is; where to find the bands and manifolds for these smaller diameter tanks? I have looked on a quick google search and seem to only find larger diameter bands and manifolds...
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