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  1. cerich

    The Isolation Manifold, lessons not learned and a small defence of the IUCRR

    Many of us are critical of the lack of accident analysis that comes out of the IUCRR. I feel we need accident analysis to spot patterns systemically so that as a community and industry we can learn, mitigate and make it safer. BUT... let's talk about something, that in my almost 3 decades...
  2. cerich

    Labor Day Reg Sale Deep 6 Signature and Packages

  3. cerich

    Breathing Air Filter Cartridges for MCH6

    SC000340-MHC Molecular sieve, CO catalyst, and activated carbon in a disposable cartridge filter. Removes moisture, hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, particles, oil and taste/odor. Suggested for breathing air. Designed for Nuvair3-3.5, Coltri MCH6, American Airworks Fast 35, Max-Air...
  4. cerich

    Stepping back from customer service on Scubaboard

    Hi folks, First of all, thank you. We are taking a step back from customer service and product support participation in an open fashion here on Scubaboard. Unfortunately, they just get off track and are a magnet for people that are looking to sow FUD (Fear , Uncertainty and doubt) about our...
  5. cerich

    In memory of Rich Courtney, fellow Cayman Cowboy and cave instructor

    Heard the news this morning that Rich passed(non dive related) My prayers to his daughter who as all who knew Rich will tell you was his stars, sun, moon, ocean and everything, and vice versa. If you could raise a cup, send a wish to our fellow scubaboard member it would be nice.
  6. cerich

    PRO TIP - Regulator service

    Doesn't matter what brand. If you are going on a trip and think "I should get my regs serviced before the trip!" and they are working fine. DON'T! Just go on your trip and send them after. If they have sat for a year or two or had a problem last dive, of course send them in. Plus check your BCD...
  7. cerich

    Black Friday 2019 Deep 6

    Sales are up Black Friday
  8. cerich

    Sharks this year at Brothers

    This may be the wrong forum but it has been a recent subject here. I am truly aghast at most of what I see in this video, and don't even agree with some of the views expressed by the poster who is also aghast. While the actual odds of getting buit are still lower that "you are getting bit"...
  9. cerich

    New charges for Sotis (Add helium)and Emilie Voissem (Nexus Underwater) I am just amazed and saddened at all the good people that get sucked into the Sotis web. Lives lost, good names thrown away. Just sad
  10. cerich

    Unanticipated hazards

    Generally, I am not a fan of the "unanticipated" as many of them with some thought would have been anticipated. However, in guiding thousands of tourists diving, I can't recall ever having one think it's funny to shut other divers gas off underwater. Chinese tourist sorry for scuba tank...
  11. cerich

    Calm-headed response

    Full time divemaster and pretty comfortable, and thought he maybe could fix it. He totally had everything under control. so many times we see a rush to the surface when not needed. This is what in water comfort and confidence leads to, the ability to think thru issues.
  12. cerich

    Diving lost a Cayman and diving ICON- Ron Kipp

    Ron, of Bob Soto's and DEMA Board fame has passed. Ron took Cayman and diving into the roaring period of greatest growth. he was a visionary, showman and marketing genius. he was also... more ...complex than that. Ron, thanks for the job offer and the two days it took to know I wasn't a good...
  13. cerich

    New lower price on Deep 6 wetsuits

    Wetsuits - Thermal
  14. cerich

    Signature First stage Yoke sale- 20% Off

    We have put Yoke Signature first stages on sale for 20% off. So stand alone that drops it by $50 and also will reflect in packages (Only the first stage is discounted in the packages, so it won't be a 20% drop on the package) First Stages - Regulators
  15. cerich

    New Deep 6 Products!

    We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Divesoft to offer some exciting products to the Deep 6 line up! In stock and ready to ship at. Existing customers check your emails for a special offer!
  16. cerich

    SNSI Video for new Open Water Course for instructors

    In other words how to train a class at ratio with no kneeling and still have full class control. It's all about efficiency and getting the most from your water time, confined and open.
  17. cerich

    For Sale Precision Acrylic dome for Olympus PEN housings $200

    Just the dome, not the housing (or lens etc). Bought used in good condition. Light marks normal for acrylic dome . Have the original box and neoprene dome cover Used with the Olympus Pen housings and the Panasonic 8mm f3.5 Price includes shipping in lower 48...
  18. cerich

    SNSI announces special programs for Military/Veterans, First Responders and Teachers Dive Pros

    SNSI (Scuba Nitrox Safety International) recognizes and thanks all those that serve our community. We want to recognize your efforts. We know that you are as passionate about your diving as a dive professional as you are in your daily service to us. Effective immediately SNSI is offering all...
  19. cerich

    News and Questions

    Hi folks, SNSI (Scuba Nitrox Safety International) is joining Scubaboard and is happy to be here. Most of you may know me as the guy that runs Deep 6, and that hasn't changed. I am also the Director of Operations for SNSI US and Canada which is separate from Deep 6. We are setting up the US...
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