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  1. steelsaint

    Looking for new quarries

    Juturna springs should be opening June 16 and 17. The depth goes from 30 feet to 220 feet. The water is crystal clear. Juturna Springs | Dive Training Facility
  2. steelsaint

    New Dive Spot near Frederick MD

    Hey if you have not checked it out yet there is a new quarry opening up to divers. It is called Juturna Springs. I went diving there this past weekend and had an amazing time. I had visibility from 25 feet to 40 feet. The quarry goes from 30 feet all the way to 220 feet. The people were great...
  3. steelsaint

    Lake Rawlings/ New name Lake Phoenix

    Great news for all Lake Rawling fans. Lake Rawlings is now Lake Phoenix. You can check out the website at Lake Phoenix, in Rawlings VA. 23876.
  4. steelsaint

    Mt. Storm Diving

    It has been a year since I have been diving at Mt. Storm. Has anyone else been there more recently than August of last year? Has anything changed as far a diving only from a boat? I am looking for some warm water diving.
  5. steelsaint

    Full set of Scuba Gear, Tank, BC,Wetsuit, Regulator Etc.

    I have a set of gear including: AL80 Tank, (just hydro'd and inspected), Sherwood Brut regulator and octo set, (just serviced), Mares Dive computer, Cressi BCD integrated w/weight pockets size Medium. and a U.S. Diver Farmer John 7mm Wetsuit size Medium fitting someone 5'9-5'11 150-170lbs. All...
  6. steelsaint

    Mt. Storm Conditions and Diving

    I went up to Mt. Storm this past weekend and dove off of my sit on top kayak. The water temperature was 90 degrees at all the platforms. The visibility was about 8 feet. When diving at the platforms is seemed darker than I remember from a year ago. There were not as many fish as there used to...
  7. steelsaint

    Cordus State Park Hanover, PA

    I heard there was diving at Cordus State Park so I thought I would see what it was like. The temperature was 87 on the surface, 83 at eleven feet and another drop at fourteen feet. The visibility was 10-12 feet. There was plenty of fish 30 feet off shore including carp, and sunfish, but as I got...
  8. steelsaint

    New Henderson Large 7mm H2 Titanium Scuba Diving wet suit $200

    The Suit is still available. I already have a wet suit and I got this with some other equipment I purchased so I decided to sell this one. Great suit for a great price $200. As long as your in the United States , not Alaska or Hawaii, I can ship for free. Just let me know.
  9. steelsaint

    Mt. Storm Water Temperature?

    The dive platforms are about 30 feet off the shore. If you pull into the parking lot you will see a sign posted on the tree Scuba access. Of course you must go to the boat dock and launch off. The only diving is by boat. Once in the water at the shoreline (where we used to walk in) facing...
  10. steelsaint

    Mt. Storm Water Temperature?

    Hi there. I was just thinking of asking you. We still dive there. We use sit-on top kayaks and row out to the 15' stop and anchor up. We tow our gear out and put it on in the water. When we go to shore the DNR had no problem with us tying up our kayaks at the scuba entrance. So we enter and exit...
  11. steelsaint

    Mt. Storm Water Temperature?

    Does anyone know what the water temperature would be at Mt. Storm at this time of year?
  12. steelsaint

    New Henderson Large 7mm H2 Titanium Scuba Diving wet suit $200

    Wet Suit is still available. Ready to go for the Diving season
  13. steelsaint

    New Henderson Large 7mm H2 Titanium Scuba Diving wet suit $200

    New Henderson Large 7mm H2 Titanium Scuba Diving wet suit. Never wet new with tags. $200.00
  14. steelsaint

    3 Zeagle Regulators w/ accessories

    All regulators are still available
  15. steelsaint

    Seasoft sealion BCD Expandable Sm- XL $225.

    Scuba Diving Dive BCD SeaLion S-XL with integrated weight system. Only used once $225.00 OBO. $15.00 Shipping
  16. steelsaint

    3 Zeagle Regulators w/ accessories

    3 Zeagle regulators for sale: A Zeagle Flathead VI including: Quick Detach inflation hose & Promate Octopus - Just serviced $300.00 OBO A Zeagle DS-V including: Inflation hose and Aeris A1 Octopus- Bench tested but not serviced $250.00 OBO A Zeagle 50-D including inflation Hose- $225.00 OBO...
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