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  1. paolobl65

    Memories from Raja Ampat - January 2019

    hello , here are my memories from my last trip in raja Ampat - January 2019 . I stayed in Papua Explorer Resort and I had a very nice stay . All were great there : from accomodation to food , from staff to diving operation . What I like specially is his position...
  2. paolobl65

    Trip Report : Weda Resort - Halmahera - April 2019

    I was in Weda Resort ( Weda Reef & Rainforest Resort - Best Diving and Birding in Halmahera ) Halmahera – Indonesia for a 12 days dive trip in April 2019 , and I’d like to share my experience . Reservation : I contacted the resort directly and discuss accommodation...
  3. paolobl65

    Humpback whales in Tonga with NAIA - August 2018

    I was in Tonga last August with Naia liveabord and I'd like to share my experience . Naia is a well known liveaboard sailing Tonga during July , August and September and Fiji during the other months . All on board is great : cabin , food , service , professional cruise director...
  4. paolobl65

    Gorontalo ( Indonesia ) April 2018 - trip report

    I was in Gorontalo ( Sulawesi - Indonesia ) for a 8 days dive trip last April 2018 with Miguel's Diving Gorontalo ( Dive Gorontalo, Sulawesi, Indonesia with Miguel's Diving ) Unfortunately I lost 4 days diving because a tracheit , so with only 4 days diving I had just an idea of...
  5. paolobl65

    2nd Trip to Triton Bay !

    I came back again to Triton Bay last January 2018 . It was my second time there ( first time you can read here : Triton Bay - trip report - December 2016 ) The place is still wonderful above and below the water . What is changed from my first time ? Now Garuda fly from...
  6. paolobl65

    Triton Bay - trip report - December 2016

    I was in Triton Bay - West Papua - Indonesia ( Triton Bay Dive Resort ) last December 2016 for a dive vacation and I'd like to share my experience . ( .. I just beg your pardon for my English .. ) Getting There : the trip begin many months before with a good e-mail comunication with...
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