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    Discuss the use of scubapro screw stopper pin on 2nd stages

    I believe the intent is to meet some European standard.
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    Question Which year's schematic to use for my S600?

    Look at the seiral #. Sometimes the first 2 numbers are the production year. Also, you can take it apart and see what the schematic parts look like.
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    Question Any idea what brand-model that 1st is?

    Looks like a pretty standard diaphragm design to me. Looks to have a swivel...
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    Info How to Choose a Regulator

    So everyone needs to get a titanium regulator, second stages with adjustment knobs, an octo inflator for redundancy to the redundant octo and a Spare Air...:)
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    Atomic Aquatic Regulators.

    Just be careful with older models that do not have the Jet seat and piston. That retro kit is not cheap so when buying old make sure it either has the mod or get it really cheap.
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    SP MK25/600TI vs Atomic B2 vs ........

    I service both and both breathe about the same. I do like the ability to service a regulator whose IP is able to be adjusted by a screw rather than shims so I would go with the SP Mk25... But again, both regs are great! I do like Atomic's no-nonsense approach to their regulators though...
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    Why SPGs got dirt inside ?

    Check the inside of your tanks... May be bad filters on the compressor system.
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    Need a plug for pressure testing computer transmitters

    Anyone know where I can get a plug to install on computer transmitters when doing pressure testing after battery changes? Thanks
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    Sunnto Flow restrictor for AI Transmitter?

    The flow restrictor is supplied with new transmitters. One is for mounting directly to the first stage (mushroon head) the other is for a short hose option. The restrictor is part of a tech service bulletin to prevent blowing the transmitter as pressure is applied when opening a tank. You do not...
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    Buying First Reg

    Just got done servicing a couple of old JS and installing the new valve inserts and man I do love some Poseidons!!! Cracking is around 1 (actually just under)... I have 4 Cyklon seconds I'm working on as well.
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    For Sale Scubapro Mk10 with G200B and G200 Seconds

    Fully serviced Mk10 with G200B (balanced) primary second and G200 Octo. Includes brass and glass SPG. First stage IP locks up at 144psi and cracking effort 1.2" H2O on both seconds. Four new hoses, new mouthpieces and 3 service kits were installed as part of service. Dived once in the pool to...
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    Buying First Reg

    But wait, your Poseidons don't have a knob? :D
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    So how much?
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    DA Aquamaster Retaining Nut

    I saw that, I had already ordered a 2 stage one from him and bent the tabs down. Thanks
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    Second Stage Regulator Recommendations

    Ah, I see... I figured it was the Huish acquisition that did it. Thanks
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    Second Stage Regulator Recommendations

    T bone what do you mean by Zeagle won't allow you? I used to service mine all the time before I got certified. Have they cranked down on this?
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    Breathing wet and air leak during vacuum test for Aqualung Mikron ACD

    Look in the inside of the reg behind the diaphragm (yes, remove the diaphragm) at the place where the tube seats against the INSIDE of the housing. The side of the tube where the orifice goes into. If there is a gap in there (again the inside of the housing) you are not seated. If there is no...
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    Breathing wet and air leak during vacuum test for Aqualung Mikron ACD

    This is quite possible the most frustrating part of Mikron assembly. It appears to all go well but if you look at the valve tube on the inlet side there will be a gap between it and the housing. You really have to tweak the pins to fit into their corresponding grooves. It is pretty satisfying...
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    Question MK2 Din Conversion

    Very precise!!! :)
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    oms Professional Dive O2 Analyzer

    Thanks/ I have the yellow peanut!
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