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  1. TravelGas

    Twinsets, redundancy, and what problem are we solving...

    There are several people still walking around thanks to my 30 cu ft. Pony bottle. I now have upgraded to a 40 cu ft Pony. On one of those rescues from over 100' FSW, the 30 did run out near the surface. The nearest chamber was hundreds of miles away with no way to get there. I like redundant...
  2. TravelGas

    Best Dive Store with 50 miles of NYC?

    There are a lot of NYC folks here on SB. My friend was locked up for DWI around the corner from Limelight.
  3. TravelGas

    Best Dive Store with 50 miles of NYC?

    Sure, had many a good time there and many other places in Manhattan in the good ol days 1980's / 90s. The last 2 good decades.
  4. TravelGas

    Question Bolt snaps

    I second buying extras. The shipping will now cost you more than most bolt snaps. You can also look into xDeep NX Gen Boltsnaps. Very high quality with a good design.
  5. TravelGas

    What is happening with NAUI these days?

    Which is better the NAUI Master Diver or the PADI Master Diver ?
  6. TravelGas

    Hey All

    Horizon Divers Key Largo
  7. TravelGas

    Suggestions for cold water regulators?

    Poseidon Odin.
  8. TravelGas

    Best Dive Store with 50 miles of NYC?

    I bought my first full set of recreational equipment and did training with Scuba Network when they were around the corner and located on Old Country Road for 25-30 years. They moved around the corner to Glen Cove Road. To me, they are a chain of stores with high prices and not really supporting...
  9. TravelGas

    Master Liveabord Fuel surcharge

    You can always write a truthful and accurate review of their business practices upon trips completion. Me personally, if there was a way out, like even paying a cancelation fee I would not want to do business with them. If I were trip shopping and read your review that would be enough to keep me...
  10. TravelGas

    New in NYC

    There are a lot of NY members on SB. They will be chimeing in shortly. Welcome.
  11. TravelGas

    Dive the Moskva

    There seems to be very wide variations in the estimed depth. I have now seen everything from 120' to 390'. Where did you see the 120' foot figure ? If it really is in 120' of water this may later turn into a major dive destination.
  12. TravelGas

    Dive the Moskva

    Here is the Forbes link saying 300' FSW. Anyone know the water temperature in the Black Sea ?
  13. TravelGas

    what is a fair price for a diver to charge

    How many hours in your work day? What is ship husbandry? I too would like to know what the current hourly Union rate is for divers.
  14. TravelGas

    Hello from Brooklyn NY

    Welcome to SB. There is a dive club training session in Far Rockaway Beach 8 St this Saturday
  15. TravelGas

    Dive the Moskva

    I wouldn't be surprised if the U.S. Navy was already in there. I think there are nukes on the vessel. That why the Russians got on it so fast. When they go in there the silt will be stirred up and the code books long gone. Are you operating a dive boat these days or are you retired ? I would...
  16. TravelGas

    Dive the Moskva

    heheheh. I think we should ask Wookie to run Scubaboard dive trip to this wreck, he would find it no matter which sea it's in. LOL. :rofl3:
  17. TravelGas

    Dive the Moskva

    I don't beleive they are trying to refloat it, but instead to recover certain equipment from it since they know it will fall into enemy hands soon. The UK just donated 100 Harpoon missiles, the U.S. also donated some. The 110 year old salvage ship and the 7 other support ships are anchored there...
  18. TravelGas

    Dive the Moskva

    That's too bad. It would have been very interesting, if it were possible. An Epic military wreck dive.
  19. TravelGas

    Dive the Moskva

    Apparently, there is a new Russian Military wreck that is within Tech diving limits. According to Russian Military the crew was removed before the sinking so it should not be considered a war grave. There are rumors of Nuclear weapons on board and an 8 ship salvage operation is currently...
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