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  1. NaClH2OLvr

    Closed Complete Dive Rite XT Sidemount Regulator Set-SOLD

    thanks for pointing out my mistake, I'll update the title and description!
  2. NaClH2OLvr

    Closed SOLD-DiveRite Sidewinder Primary and Jump Reels plus Hollis 60# Lift Bag

    Price includes Dive Rite Sidewinder Jump and Primary Reel plus Hollis 60# Lift Bag. Primary reel does have rust on surface of the screw heads (see pics). $100+shipping in CONUS
  3. NaClH2OLvr

    Closed APEKS WSX-25 sidemount harness with butt pouch-SOLD

    APEKS WSX-25 sidemount harness with butt pouch. Has the original Apeks sliding D-rings attached but will also include a set of Gorings if you want them (no D-rings, just the slides). Webbing has been cut to my size (5'6, 135# female) with a little extra but may need replaced depending on your...
  4. NaClH2OLvr

    Closed Complete Dive Rite XT Sidemount Regulator Set-SOLD

    Complete Dive Rite XT sidemount regulator set (PK5300). Includes XT1 first stages, XT2 second stages, PSI gauges, and braided flex hoses (22" and 7' hoses). Also includes Dive Rite padded regulator bag and 3 extra braided flex hoses (6", 15", and 25"). $650+shipping in CONUS
  5. NaClH2OLvr

    Closed Deleted

    I am planning on posting items separately if no one expresses interest in the items bundled. Feel free to send me a DM
  6. NaClH2OLvr

    Closed Fourth Element Arctic one-piece undergarment (Med), Bare rock boots (US 8), SI Tech drysuit rings

    Selling all items listed below, priced individually Delivery: Buyer pays shipping costs, will ship to continental US only. Located in Columbus, Ohio so can arrange local pick up or delivery. Will also be in Cozumel Jan 14-18 and can deliver in-person during those dates only. Fourth Element...
  7. NaClH2OLvr

    Closed Deleted

    Selling all items listed below as a bundle, will sell items separately if no interest in package. Deleted-will post separate
  8. NaClH2OLvr

    January 2022 Roll Call

    Name............................Date.........................Staying At.................Dive Op NaClH2OLvr...............January 14-18..........................airbnb....................Scuba Mau
  9. NaClH2OLvr

    Utila dive shop recommendations

    Thanks for the great info! The Pinnacle sounds great, I’ll definitely ask about it. Alton’s was one of the 3 shops I’d had in mind, so it’s nice reading good things about the op. It seems they are pretty much in line with what I’m looking for. I’ll reach out to them for more information. If...
  10. NaClH2OLvr

    Utila dive shop recommendations

    I will be in Utila for the first time in September. I've been to Roatan a few times and love the diving there but decided to check out Utila this time. I'm hoping for some insight and suggestions. I'm travelling solo, 47 years old, and an experienced diver. I haven't booked my accommodations...
  11. NaClH2OLvr

    Diving cenotes & staying in Tulum or Riviera Maya area

    I second the recommendation for diving with Nico Casella and his company, Cenote Xperience. The Casella brothers, Martin and Nico Casella, run an excellent business, focusing on safety and providing the best customer satisfaction in Riviera Maya. I have used their company 6 times in the past 2...
  12. NaClH2OLvr

    March 2017 Roll Call

    3/15-3/20 at Villablanca with Scuba Mau.
  13. NaClH2OLvr

    Cenote Xperience - excellent dive shop in PDC

    I've used other shops to dive in the cenotes but once I went with Cenote Xperience they're the only shop I've used and recommended for cenote diving. I'll be back in PDC/Coz next week, can't wait!!
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