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  1. GJC

    How do dive computers calculate nitrogen absorbtion and clearance when using nitrox?

    Do computers only adjust for nitrox by calculating the EAD and tracking time and depth for that adjustment or are they doing something more complex? Do they give credit for faster offgassing when using nitrox on ascent and at the safety stop or are they just using air calculations (at EAD) for...
  2. GJC

    Double Hose Mouthpiece Plug?

    I use a DAAM and like to swim on my back if I have to surface swim any distance on shore dives. I find it easier to stay on course, be more aware of surfers, swimmers and other surface objects, and I can kick more efficiently on my back. DAAMs free flow when you're on your back and I have not...
  3. GJC

    Scubapro AIR1 Predive/Dive Switch

    Anyone have recommendations on how to remove the switch without breaking it? I know the service manual says to replace it because it breaks if removed. I just serviced mine and have a slight leak that I narrowed down to the o ring under the switch.
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