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  1. jenwoo10

    For Sale Superior Dry Suit - Pinnacle Black Ice, unisex, very light use

    TOP NOTCH Dry Suit - Pinnacle Black Ice, Unisex, very light use Priced to move for help covering medical expenses. The purchase price was $1,250, purchased from Cave Adventurers (in Marianna, FL) of my favorite dive shops/instructor! I have dove in this suit 15 times and it's in great...
  2. jenwoo10

    Cave Diving in Marianna, FL on May 22, 2015

    Fellow Cave Divers, On May 22nd, my buddy and I are planning on diving Twin Cave and Jackson Blue, and are interested in meeting new tech divers. We'll arrive at lunchtime, get the Pontoon boat loaded and go jump into Twin Cave. Depending on that dive, we'll do a 2nd Twin Cave dive or go to...
  3. jenwoo10

    Hello from a Cave Diver near Florida

    Hi all, I have been Intro to Cave certified for a few years now and am reaching out to hook up with other cave divers (expand my network). I'm interested in Florida cave systems right now such as Peacock, Ginnie, Jackson Blue/Marianna, and Manatee. My instructor is Bill Oestrich - most...
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