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  1. Babydamulag

    Help with Itinerary - October '12 trip planning is a "DO NOT MISS" We have been diving all over the Philippines and I must say that Malapascua is "THE" place to see if you have only one shot at traveling. I recommend Evolution. That's just me though.... <HINT> Do not miss a chance to see the Threshers or the mating mandarin...
  2. Babydamulag

    Advice requested on itinerary - 1 week Cebu ?

    Great report!!! We know....we were there with Ward. Awesome trip. Love the great folks at Evolution. First time back in the water in 8 months and it was simply awesome.
  3. Babydamulag

    Apeks service centers

    APEKS TEAM - We dive APEKS exclusively. Our regs are normally serviced in the Philippines (Dave @ TECH ASIA). We find ourselves in need of REG service in Korea. We need a reputable APEKS service center in the USA. I'll ship the 3 sets to the service center. The request really translates to "We...
  4. Babydamulag

    WTS - Bauer Oceanus 5 CFM Compressor - 230 V.

    We need to talk. I am looking for one for the repair shop. Send me an email.
  5. Babydamulag

    Marketing a dive shop/resort

    We have learned that the Social Media Tools are the only way to advertise. With the advent of SMART PHONES and 2D bar codes our range is getting extended every day. We have had our virtual store front since 2005. We have not spent one penny on "outside" advertising. Our Asian market is way-smart...
  6. Babydamulag

    Philippine Diving Rocks

    Shhhhhh.......don't tell just anyone about diving in the Philippines....... TELL EVERYONE!!!!
  7. Babydamulag

    ANILAO SCU-BUS now in operation.

    I would want to rent the van not buy it! Seems a little expensive......unless there is an extra service not mentioned by the OP......
  8. Babydamulag

    A really beautiful video taken by one of our guests in Moalboal, Cebu

    Nice video. Too bad the marine life got tussled a bit. I didn't realize the area had so much damaged coral.
  9. Babydamulag

    UPDATE: Recompression chambers

    Now the world knows how "ON OUR ASS" we are now.......
  10. Babydamulag

    OWSI in the Philippines

    IDC for me at Asia Divers.....I am is THE PLACE TO GO!
  11. Babydamulag

    Sharks go to the cleaners

    I think it's new because this is the first scientific paper which actually reports it officially Rather than me saying "Dude! There's like, these sharks, and they like, show up everyday. It's cool." Share Share this post on Digg Technorati Add to your Facebook! Twitter | Like...
  12. Babydamulag

    Japanese diver missing in Anilao

    Do the math..... Probably......the poor fella had nothing to go back to in Japan and took his own life . Ya think? It is sad. We must be better aware of our diving buddy's disposition.
  13. Babydamulag

    Raw sewage discharge at sabang gotta pay to play..... Maybe they will get the ear infections under control at the same time. Best of luck to the operators.
  14. Babydamulag

    Wild stuff... You won't believe this photo!

    ROFLMAO!!!!! hahahahahahaha........:rofl3:
  15. Babydamulag

    Wild stuff... You won't believe this photo!

    This picture has to be sent to the Shark Research laboratory @ Pacific Shark Research Center This might be the first photographic evidence of its kind!!
  16. Babydamulag

    Trip Report: Alona / Moalboal Feb '11

    Excellent summary! Wow....that was written in a TRAVEL WRITER style! We look forward to pictures. Keep your head down in the box!
  17. Babydamulag

    Could you cook a COT?

    I almost have everyone convinced.....yeah baby.....COTS are like viagra times two!!! Really? Seriously? Wow! I think I read that some coastal tribe in Africa uses ground up COTS to enhance their organ and libido.
  18. Babydamulag

    too many great resorts to choose from, confused!!

    Start at EVOLUTION and work your way north to PG.
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