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  1. MaxBottomtime

    Photos from 2021

    I have a seven inch, which is pretty big and heavy underwater. Merry uses a five inch.
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    California Dive Map - What do you think?

    Among the advantages of using Google Maps are pinpointing the exact location of a reef/wreck and having clickable links to photos and videos for them.
  3. MaxBottomtime

    Dive operators in Seattle?

    Everyone I've dived with in Seattle were in drysuits. The average surface temps in August can reach the mid 50s, but it will be colder below the surface.
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    Pt Hardy vs Pt McNeill vs Campbell River?

    Mark Hiebert, MarkH on Scubaboard dives constantly in the southern area. Check out his maps and videos.
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    Pt Hardy vs Pt McNeill vs Campbell River?

    I look forward to diving the sites along the central and southern half of Vancouver Island. I've dived Browning Passage from the Nautilus Swell in 2014 and God's Pocket most years since then. The best visibility is in March/April, followed by the Fall. It's easily the best diving I've done.
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    Photos from 2021

    It's called a scrying mirror. It's used for fortune telling, or witchcraft, or some weirdness like that. It also makes a great stage for photographing small marine life.
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    Diving dry suits only

    I had a friend who said drysuit divers always complained about leaks. I've had my share, but a leaking drysuit is...a wetsuit.
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    Diving dry suits only

    I made over 800 dives in wetsuits in temps between 46 and mid 60s. Once I bought my first drysuit, I gave away my wetsuit and never looked back. I have a thin wetsuit for warm water diving, which I rarely do. All my diving along the west coast and Canada is in drysuits.
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    Question Tank Recycling in Los Angeles County area?

    Dive n Surf makes bells out of old tanks. Pacific Wilderness makes lamps.
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    Ultima Dry Glove System question

    This was last week.
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    Ultima Dry Glove System question

    The Ultimas are a good system. I have several hundred dives on them and the only times I got wet were user error. Over time, they were harder and harder to remove. I learned about the grease here and it helped, but they still require quite a pull to remove. I thought I would take the advice of...
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    Ultima Dry Glove System question

    I've used Dielectric grease on my Ultima gloves for the past three months. I no longer need a tool to remove the gloves after a dive, but they sometimes take more of an effort than should be needed. I bought a set of Rolock 90 rings and will try them if our current red tide abates. The water has...
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    Solo with no BCD?
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    Salutations from SoCal!

    List of many local sites at SoCal Dive Site Reviews
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    Boat diving: how many bags to bring onboard?

    Most of the boats I've dived from have their own milk crates. Set your gear up prior to boarding and wear it and your weights onto the boat. Dry bag goes inside.
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    Diver missing at Ginnie?
  17. MaxBottomtime

    Diver missing at Ginnie?

    This is horrible. Andrew was one of the nicest and funniest divers I knew.
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    Looking for the Toughest, Best Zippered Dry Suit Available

    My favorite drysuit by far has been the Waterproof D7 PRO ISS with a plastic T-Zip. Seals can be replaced in less than a minute in the field and I've never had a zipper leak since going with the T-Zip a few years ago.
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