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  1. drrich2

    Question Raja Ampat liveaboard for snorkelling AND diving

    With the disclaimer I haven't been to Raja Ampat and am going off what I've read about it from multiple sources over quite some time, some clarification. I wasn't claiming I read it was bad, just that from what I read in a comparison (years ago; I think it was a comparison with Komodo), it...
  2. drrich2

    Question Raja Ampat liveaboard for snorkelling AND diving

    I've been on live-aboards but haven't been to Raja Ampat; I'd like to go and have been looking into it. Your post got me curious and I'd like to find out more, as it may help others help you. 1.) Your profile says you've got 100+ dives and you've been certified over 10 years, and you're going...
  3. drrich2

    Lionfish hunting DR

    I haven't been; a number of other members have posted positive reports about Scuba Fun in that area; if you shoot them an e-mail, they can probably tell you whether they allow it, and if not, the basis for that. Did a little quick Googling. Any of these references helpful? Looks like John Sack...
  4. drrich2

    Raja Ampat in July

    Would you expand on what she loved so much about the topside experience that it outweighed all that? It might be good info. for others to know, particularly those who might want to try Raja Ampat but have a ball and, excuse me, tow. Richard.
  5. drrich2

    Trip Report Casa del Mar & Jungle Divers (again) May 10-17, '22

    Love the mantis shot; needs the caption 'What'chu look'in at?!?!?' Appreciate the practical details in your reports; they should help people planning to stay where you did. Planners can't think of or ask about everything in advance, but the more they know going in, the smoother their transition...
  6. drrich2

    Puerto Rico

    Yes, and you and others contributed info. so if someone (who somehow came to consider Puerto Rico for a dive trip, and found this forum and thread) strongly desires a dive vacation to Puerto Rico they get informed. Reminds me that Curacao came from 'Where's that?' to prominence as trip...
  7. drrich2

    Puerto Rico

    And that's it in a nutshell. It takes digging and research to get a handle on options, by which time somebody's probably mentioned Bonaire, Curacao, Grand Cayman (maybe even Cayman Brac) and St. Croix as regional shore (and boat) diving options. The question of Puerto Rican shore diving jarred...
  8. drrich2

    Puerto Rico

    Interesting. It seems to me there's plenty of room for an individual dive op. that wants to do more business to advertise aggressively and build a following, even if the island as a whole doesn't push recreational diving. Are any Puerto Rico dive op. staff active on ScubaBoard? Or posting any...
  9. drrich2

    Never Done Learning

    I don't have any experience with Sunscape Sabor. I did compile some general info. on Cozumel when researching for my trip a few years back. Tres Pelicanos & Casa Mexicana, Cozumel Sept. 2018 Report - Tres Pelicanos/Casa Mexican Trip Report Sept. 2018 My Research Notes from Planning Cozumel Trip...
  10. drrich2

    Greetings from Central Florida

    Welcome to ScubaBoard. I'm not in your area but a number of Florideans post here. It may help if you mention where you do your ocean diving, and what sort of diving you do - reefs, artificially placed 'wrecks,' spear fishing, deep wrecks like the Oriskany, etc... Per your profile you have GUE...
  11. drrich2

    Never Done Learning

    Welcome. Who do you plan to dive with and where do you plan to stay in Cozumel? It's a very popular dive destination. Richard.
  12. drrich2


    Welcome back! I see from your profile you've done volunteer diving at Georgia Aquarium; I've never made it down to visit that. Maybe someday. Richard.
  13. drrich2

    Hello from The Big Sky...

    Welcome to ScubaBoard. You have an enviable track record of diving; glad you're back in the game! If you end up in the Philippines, I imagine you may be blessed with loads of high quality diving. Hope it works out for you. Richard.
  14. drrich2

    Houston? Houston!

    Welcome. You could take up diving underwater pinnacles, such as I hear can be found diving Saba. Just a thought. Scuba diving is a pretty good motivator to get out and see more of the world, too.
  15. drrich2

    Trip Report Hen and Chickens 5-18-22

    Like the moray and hermit crab shots. I keep hoping to make it back to the Keys someday. Richard.
  16. drrich2

    Bali opening?

    Did you download and use it once there? It was my understanding it was often needful to use your phone to 'check in' when entering some public access establishments, such as restaurants.
  17. drrich2

    Trip Report Fiji- May 14-30, 2022

    Glad you faced 5 and not 10 days quarantine! As the pandemic progresses and we learn more, thankfully some restrictions get less restrictive. Wonder what the high and low topside typical temp.s are the warmest season there, or whether it varies much? What you describe sounds acceptable, if it...
  18. drrich2

    Bali opening?

    I got my approval e-mail late this evening, so it took 6 days for me. You weren't kidding that this thing is not user-friendly. The way the system reads on the Internet, they wanted people to submit for vaccination record approval, then download the Peduli Lindungi app and put in info., etc... I...
  19. drrich2

    Dive Pics Day 13

    Nice pipefish. You make me wish I was there with your shots. Richard.
  20. drrich2

    Info Here’s what happens if your US return test is positive. A second hand account.

    An interesting thought exercise to get at the issue of whether one is complying out of concern for risk mitigation toward others vs. out of a belief in following rules for its own sake: 1.) What if nothing changes in the current situation except that pre-flight testing requirements are...
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