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  1. Seaweed Doc

    Do you own an emergency oxygen unit?

    I'm an "other." I don't personally own a kit, but the vast majority of my diving is in one of the following situations: 1. Research diving, where I have a University-owned kit with me every time. 2. Teaching SCUBA for the University or for an LDS: Again, the kit goes with me every dive. 3...
  2. Seaweed Doc

    Dive operators in Seattle?

    A lot of shops host free fun dives. If you have dates, I might be able to scout out possible sites. Barring that, if you're open to shore diving most shops can find you a DM for $50 a dive or so. (For one person; I don't think they'd double it for 2 but don't know for sure.) Or ask in one...
  3. Seaweed Doc

    Current Kona recommendations, no cattle boats

    Heading to Hawaii this summer (early August) and wanted a recommendation for a boat diving operation in the Kona area. About me, because, well, it's all about me isn't it: 1. I really, really, really hate cattle boats. I respect the DM's and such at Lahaina Divers, but I'll never dive with...
  4. Seaweed Doc

    Looking for help for person scared by Discover Scuba experience

    Kudos for you for not pressuring or shaming. As an instructor, my spidey senses go off when somebody tells me their husband/parents/child is/are divers and that's why they want to get into it. Most fail. It's really got to be her motivation for herself. That doesn't mean she doesn't love you...
  5. Seaweed Doc

    Reverse ear block?

    For students, mostly yes. But the instructor must accompany each student for safety.
  6. Seaweed Doc

    Chest and neck pain underwater

    Reflux could do it. I'm not sure the symptoms are consistent with immersion pulmonary edema (IPE) precisely, but like reflux it wouldn't matter if you were snorkeling or diving. I know some folks have complained of chest pain with edema, but never asked if it was "sternum pain" or more...
  7. Seaweed Doc

    Reverse ear block?

    The surge might have created a sudden increase in pressure, if your depth was fixed. (The wave crest goes over you, and your depth is suddenly greater than in the trough.) If it stayed blocked, you should either feel better or possible worse on the ascent. I wonder if a surge actually gave...
  8. Seaweed Doc

    Becoming a DM - Padi or a different Org?

    Very interesting. I found this to be more of an issue when I first became a DM. Since then, I've learned to compartmentalize. If I'm diving for fun, I'm focused on taking pictures not what's going on with others in the group. But there was a learning curve of sorts to be able to do that. Not...
  9. Seaweed Doc

    Becoming a DM - Padi or a different Org?

    Huh. This stumped me. I know that to "count" as a DM for teaching purposes, a PADI instructor must use a PADI active-status DM. Thus I could see most shops wanting consistency across DM's and instructors. But I also know a PADI shop that has instructors work through them in an odd...
  10. Seaweed Doc

    Is horizontal position really better?

    I'm a little concerned at the suggestion somebody fin down if positively buoyant. You should of course dump air, and I suppose if you're comfortable using the hip dump you can fin down and dump from a BCD simultaneously. (Though why dumping a bit of air alone wouldn't be enough, I don't...
  11. Seaweed Doc

    Question IDC Suggestions

    I dunno. I think you could make a descent living. Just not a decent one. (Sorry, bad SCUBA pun based on your typo.)
  12. Seaweed Doc

    Question IDC Suggestions

    What Tursiops said. How legally do you want to work outside the UK? Some places you'd enjoy don't allow you to legally work, but if you overstay a visa they penalty is minor. A lot of ex-pats live in these places making a living and paying the modest fine.
  13. Seaweed Doc

    Training fatality after Instructor held student down - Stoney Cove, UK

    As an instructor, the take home message I got from this is that IPO can cause a diver to think they're out of air when they're not. IPO now becomes something I'd mentally check off as a possibility at depth in this situation. In cold water where I teach IPO becomes more likely. I had an IPO...
  14. Seaweed Doc

    Training fatality after Instructor held student down - Stoney Cove, UK

    Love the comment about watching the trial all the way through before second-guessing a jury. There's usually a lot more involved than what the press reports. However, I wonder if the UK is different than USA: Criminal liability seems much more common from my very limited observation of the...
  15. Seaweed Doc

    Hoping for some direction regarding atypical symptoms

    I'm glad you you're trying Flonase. I had 6 months of headaches so bad I was getting vertigo. Finally a doc recommended Flonase (after brain scans, antibiotics for sinus infections, etc., etc.). Did the trick for me. (Didn't help that I swim regularly and react badly to chlorine in the...
  16. Seaweed Doc

    What is the oldest Item you have found underwater? Mine is 15,000+ years old

    Well, the rock faces I dive on formed hundreds of millions of years ago, and were probably exposed to water/air by glacial activity about 18,000 years ago. Oh, I see. Not what you meant. My bad.:acclaim: (Cool find, BTW. )
  17. Seaweed Doc

    Question AOW

    I often teach AOW/Dry Suit in combination. Students can, with one more dive and a extra bucks get the dry suit certification if they so choose. The dry suit course on its own is a minimum of 1 pool session (first) and 2 open water dives. I'll typically do 3 OW dives the first day with...
  18. Seaweed Doc

    Hand signal to end/terminate dive?

    I've always thought of signs like words in a language. Words have meanings, but how you string them together or context really helps. At the risk of getting philosophical, it seems like there are different ways of approaching this. E.g., my buddy and I are hanging out at our safety stop...
  19. Seaweed Doc

    what to take for ears that won't pop?

    Allergies bug me, but call me a wimp I stick to the lessons taught in my Open Water class 36 years ago and still taught today. Don't take decongestants and dive. (That includes Afrin and Sudafed.) There have also been some humorous (because they worked out well) stories here about reverse...
  20. Seaweed Doc

    Am I being a wimp about these dive plans, or is this how you become a better diver?

    Ah, one more thing on dives to choose for Advanced. I'm going to assume PADI, though I think several other agencies are similar. Deep and Navigation are required. The other 3 are "elective." Electives I like are as follows: 1. Peak Performance Buoyancy. With students I've never met, I...
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