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  1. Boston Breakwater

    Personal Limits to Solo Diving

    Hello. My personal limits to solo diving? Mmm? I would have to say.....Firstly...Strong currents. Whether due to incoming, or out going tides, or areas that just naturally have consistently strong currents. I wouldn't want to brought out into channels, or areas with heavy boat traffic, or be...
  2. Boston Breakwater

    Andrea Doria Discussion

    First post.......waaaay off topic. You gotta love Scubaboard. LOL. Cheers.
  3. Boston Breakwater

    Your "Solo Diving." Decompression Bottles(s) Setup?

    Hello. I guess.....I'm unsure, what you're asking. My setup, single tank, has (2) Second stages. One coming over each shoulder. The slung bottles have (1) Second stage each....hope that helps. Cheers.
  4. Boston Breakwater

    Your "Solo Diving." Decompression Bottles(s) Setup?

    Hello. Well.......The slung bottles would be extremely difficult to breathe from without second stages.....that's two. The back gas...single tank, has two second stages... like most configurations around the world. (Most.) Yeah, so 4 all together. Cheers.
  5. Boston Breakwater

    Hose setup..need advice!

    Hello. Very well written. Thanks. Cheers.
  6. Boston Breakwater

    Pinnacle wetsuits

    Hello. I've looked at Pinnacle for years.. Selling my Drysuit. This may be my next suit. Thanks, for the link. Cheers.
  7. Boston Breakwater

    My Tuxedo Wetsuit

    Hello. Nice wetsuit.... Try one of these. Primary "Rig." by Boston Breakwater posted May 10, 2020 at 11:30 PM Cheers.
  8. Boston Breakwater

    Backup light and recreational primary light

    Hey.........Fohmahnuke. Howahyah? Need some help on amount of lumen Cheers.
  9. Boston Breakwater

    Apeks RK3 HD

    Hello. I would say, Impossible... from a normal diving standpoint. Sikorsky helicopter, maybe? I would suggest, staying off the bottom. Cheers.
  10. Boston Breakwater

    For Sale D.U.I. TLS 350 SEAL Drysuit.

    Hello. This is updated information. Cheers.
  11. Boston Breakwater

    For Sale D.U.I. TLS 350 SEAL Drysuit.

    Hello. Just a friendly reminder. My drysuit is posted on EBay. Herschelshaven. The suit is beautiful. I'd prefer someone from Scubaboard enjoy it. I know......slightly biased comment. :confused: Cheers. Edit. Scubaboard "Supporting." members will receive a 10% discount. When I receive the amount...
  12. Boston Breakwater

    Cave Diving. Wet, or Dry. Pros/Cons

    Good morning. I appreciate, all the replies. As, some of you know. I dove nearly every winter in Boston. At one point, had battery operated socks. I never dove without a hood, until I dove Ft Lauderdale. As, I said in the O.P. " I have a "Basic." understanding of exposure protection, and...
  13. Boston Breakwater

    What wing do you prefer?

    Hello. Can an experienced "Recreational." diver that technically does "Technical." dives, without the plastic cards....reply to this post? Cheers.
  14. Boston Breakwater

    Relocating to the Great State of Florida

    Hello. It's too late....Illinois is broken. Cheers.
  15. Boston Breakwater

    Floaty feet with Seawing Novas

    Hello. I'm sorry, those don't qualify. You need the original straps.... :rofl3: Cheers.
  16. Boston Breakwater

    Shearwater Teric vs. Perdix

    Hello. You Guys/Gals....knew this was coming. "Intimate Moment." by Boston Breakwater posted May 9, 2020 at 12:53 PM Cheers.
  17. Boston Breakwater

    Six Pack Recommendations

    Hello. How are you? Can you post a website URL. Are the prices listed, and also, are dogs allowed on the property? Thanks, Cheers.
  18. Boston Breakwater

    Six Pack Recommendations

    Hello. Man.....I wish, as well. I lived in Otway for two years. Those 4 - 6 hour boat rides are brutal. Depending on the wreck? Sometimes worth it. Cheers.
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