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    Reef House Lodge

    @ReefHound and others - Yes, just ask the driver to stop at Eldons if you have the taxi to yourself. If you get a shuttle, just talk the others on your bus into it, and slip the driver $5. - sidenote: I just came back from a stay at Cocoview. It's more of a modern-ish inclusive dive operation...
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    Reef House Lodge

    About groceries - stop at Eldons on the way in and buy groceries and non-perishables (beer and EtOH) Trip report 6/25-7/6 Reef House Resort & Bananarama
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    East End Diving Roatan

    Here is a report I wrote on a visit a few years back - I stayed at Reef House and also at Bananarama. Trip report 6/25-7/6 Reef House Resort & Bananarama
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    Looking for input re Taveuni

    this thread just popped up in my email; answering a few old questions, maybe someone doing search will find this info useful. At Garden Island, I definitely dove my computer; at times one DM stayed with me while the air challenged went up to the boat. Just checked my logs, never had a dive less...
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    Looking for input re Taveuni

    Dive times are dependent on whoever blows through air the fastest. Once they know you, they will let you dive your computer, just let them know. got a few 70+ mins dives. The diving is FANTASTIC. I'm jealous.
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    Looking for input re Taveuni

    Stayed for a 8 days at Garden Island in March 2018. Well maintained, very very nice rooms, roomy and photos on website are exactly as it seems. All rooms face the ocean with private patios. Nice pool and hottub. Well appointed restaurant. Shore dive upfront is OK (great for snorkeling), but the...
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    Fiji trip report 3.2018

    Hello All - Did a Fiji trip based on recommendation from friends who now live in Bonaire. Bonaire's been my go-to destination since it's easy to get to from the west coast of US (over 200 dives there), but with direct flight via Fiji Air from SFO, I thought I should give the pacific a try. My...
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    Scuba Diving Trip Central Cuba 14-23 July

    Pretty good. At times I was thinking that we were about 30-40', turned out to be 70. Lots of smaller fish, feels a little fished out. You dive conditions will vary.
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    Bonaire Video from December 2-10, 2017 Scubaboard Microsurge

    Thank you! Headed there again in a few.. can't wait!
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    Jardines de la reina, cuba and currents

    Reefman / Alexa - Outstanding video! Thanks! That's a lot of free roaming sharks - was that a regular feeding station or just ones that you came across? and Whale Shark!(?) and the 'gator!
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    Air options for a month's stay

    Thanks! Both options sound very do-able. :)
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    Trip Report Bonaire Trip Report [Photos + HD Video]

    Big Props! Super awesome report! And fantastic video... will be back in just a few weeks.... can't wait. Great info here that I will definitely use..
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    Air options for a month's stay

    Hello - I'll be on Bonaire for a month, last week of July through most of August. (hee hee, lucky me!). I'm not necessarily a 3 dives a day diver, I also plan to do other stuff like learn to windsurf, hike the park, visit donkeys, go sailing, lounge on the beach, and do work remotely. So the...
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    What is Bonaire Like If You Already Dove on Curaçao?

    I don't remember DiveFriends coming back to dock between dives.
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    Tipping at restaurants?

    Agree with LivetheDream and Doctorfish. Do what you wish. Most of us are on vacation with the privilege of being able to afford enjoying ourselves and service staff are trying to earn a living. Not trying to guilt trip anyone, just saying that you should live by your own principles. :) "Be Kind"...
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    Scuba Diving Trip Central Cuba 14-23 July

    Anyone else interested in this? I might want to double up with someone or go solo... Also if you know this operator or would like to give private feedback, please message me. Thanks!
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    Best Place To Dive The First Week Of November

    Since you decided on Roatan, I'd recommend that you try the East side rather than the West side if diving is important to you. West side is somewhat worn down due to diver traffic. However, it does have better topside beach activities. See my review here: Trip report 6/25-7/6 Reef House Resort &...
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    Trip report 6/25-7/6 Reef House Resort & Bananarama

    Diving - East side: The East side of Roatan is is way better shape, IMHO than the West side. The variety of flora especially is stunningly different. Some places like Dos Hermanas, Single Rabbit, Calvin's Crack and many others had FIELDS of lettuce, coral interspersed with staghorns (gorgeous!)...
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    Does Roatan have the Fourth of July?

    Yes, wee just watched a 20 minute or so decent fireworks show!
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    FIRST TRIP TO BONAIRE in December 2015 --- Suggestions Please. Thanks.

    another vote for Dive Friends. They are cool and flexible and will work with you to let you do what you want. They will rent out a DM for shore dives, and that might include a ride out to the site. A day visiting the donkeys and Lac Bay was our favorite topside activity. Lac Bay made me want to...
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