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  1. Dan

    Question How to dive Komodo?

    I'll have a chance to dive in Komodo for 13 days (21 July to 2 August 2022) on a private yacht and trying to figure out the best itinerary for it. Since we'll have plenty of dive time there, I'm planning to do just 3 dives / day, rather than the 4 dives / day on typical a week liveaboard trip...
  2. Dan

    Database for Bali-Komodo Dive Sites including GPS info

    As stated in the title, if anyone has detail info any of dive sites in Bali (including Nusa Penida), Sumbawa (including Moyo, West-end of Sumbawa, Santoda, Bima, Sangeang and Banta) and Komodo, including GPS coordinates of entry location, particular time to dive it, etc., links to existing to...
  3. Dan

    One spot available on Pindito Ring of Fire trip , Nov 21 - Dec 2, 2022 for 21% off

    My dive buddy would not be able to join me on this trip due to family reason. So, I’m looking for his replacement to share cabin with me on Pindito – Diving Adventures in Indonesia for this Ring of Fire trip (Ambon-Banda-Ambon) with 21% off (10% DEMA discount + 11% Group discount). The original...
  4. Dan

    Schooling of Barracudas in Koh Tachai

    This schooling of Barracudas was spotted when we went to Koh Tachai, Similan, Thailand on 24 February, 2022.
  5. Dan

    Cuttlefish Laying Eggs in Racha Yai

    On 10 February, 2022, Vincent M of See Fun Divers took us diving in Home Run Reef dive site off Racha Yai Island. We saw these Cuttlefish laying eggs at the very end of the dive. Heard boat engine revving at 50 minutes of diving with 81 bar left on my tank. Dang! it's time to head back to the...
  6. Dan

    Closed SUUNTO Cobra quick release hp hose $45

    SUUNTO cobra quick release (mini Miflex) high pressure hose for sale. A new quick release HP hose is sold for $88 in Amazon.
  7. Dan

    For Sale SUUNTO Cobra $225

    Hardly used SUUNTO Cobra for sale. It has a new battery, quick release mini Miflex high pressure hose, including spare battery with battery replacement tool. Bought it in July, 2019. Added compass. Sat in the box for 18 months due to the pandemic. Used it for 18 dives on Jan 9-13, 2021. Then...
  8. Dan

    Trip Report Tiger Beach October 2021

    Summary This is a liveaboard diving trip (23-29 October, 2021) to Tiger Beach, Bahamas, with M/Y Dolphin Dream. The itinerary, as shown in Table 1, includes 5 days of shark diving, 1st diving day is without bait. We did a total of 13 dives. Figure 1 shows the M/Y Dolphin Dream ~80 mile (130...
  9. Dan

    Trip Report Guadalupe Great Whites

    Summary This is a liveaboard diving trip (11-16 August, 2021) to Guadalupe island with Nautilus Belle Amie. The itinerary, as shown in Table 1, includes 3 days of cage diving, three of 45-minute dives / day in each of three submersible (port, center and starboard) cages and two, first-come...
  10. Dan

    $450-$795 off for Cocos with Argo on September 10-20, 2021

    Hi all, I still have 3 spots available for September 10-20, 2021, trip to Cocos on Argo. You’ll get $450 off / spot. If I can get the 3 spots filled, then, everyone in my group of 10 (including me) would get additional $345 off. So, a total of $795 for each of us. This trip is a rescheduled...
  11. Dan

    Cocos with Argo, September 10-20, 2021, $1000 off

    I have a group trip to Cocos with Argo last year, Gathering a group for Cocos with Argo on 10-20 September 2020 that has been rescheduled to September 10-20, 2021. One of my buddies is canceling his trip and willing to discount his spot by $1000 if anyone would like to take his spot.
  12. Dan

    Trip Report Socorro Real Time Review

    Some of us from Scubaboard including myself, @Soloist, @uncfnp and @Nancy MacD will be boarding Nautilus Belle Amie, heading to Revillagigedo archipelago or better known as Socorro. The boat has Wi-Fi access via satellite. So we thought it is a good opportunity to do a Real Time Review (RTR) of...
  13. Dan

    Trip Report The Best of Maldives, 20-28 March, 2021

    Summary This is a nine-day (March 20-28, 2021) liveaboard trip around central Maldives, named “The Best of the Maldives” route, with Emperor Voyager (20-21 March) and Emperor Leo (21-28 March). The itinerary, as shown in Table 1, includes 7 days of diving, 3 dives / day + 1 night dives, to a...
  14. Dan

    Maaya Lagoon

    Maaya Lagoon is a shallow (36 ft or 11 m) dive site in north Ari Atoll where we did a night dive with Emperor Leo on March 22, 2021. We saw, not only a Reef Manta, but also schooling of Widemouth Makerel scooping the planktons gathering at the lights, sharing the meals with the Manta. Some...
  15. Dan

    Diving in Alimathaa Jetty

    Alimathaa Jetty dive sites is one of 29 dive sites in Deep South route that we dove on March 14, 2021 with Carpe Vita and also one of 18 dive sites in the Best of Maldives route that we dove on March 24 with Emperor Leo. The jetty is part of Alumathaa Resort, East of Vaavu atoll, that has been...
  16. Dan

    Diving Fish Factory

    Kanduoiy Giri (KOG) or better known as Fish Factory is one of 19 dives sites in the Best of Maldives route that we dove on March 21 & 26, 2021. It’s where fishermen throw fish carcasses over the pier, where hundreds of fishes gather to clean up the meat off the fishbones. What a sight! Thanks...
  17. Dan

    Tiger Shark Expedition with Dolphin Dream October 23-29, 2021

    I am gathering divers who like to dive with Tiger Sharks and other Sharks including Great Hammerhead (hopefully) in Tiger Beach, Bahamas. We’ll be going from West Palm Beach, Florida with Dream Team. We tried to go in November last year (see the links to the previous trip invitations, below)...
  18. Dan

    Cleaner Shrimps of Rangali Reef

    One morning, in Rangali Reef, Southwest of Ari Atoll, Maldives, I went SCUBA diving with Emperor Leo and noticed Clear Cleaner Shrimps were busy at work on a Moray. Not too far from them, there was a crevice full of them, looking for work. So I gave them a job on my hand. :D
  19. Dan

    Emperor Leo Real Time Review, March 21-28, 2021, The Best of Maldives

    This is a 2nd part of real time review of liveaboard diving in Maldives. The first part was in Deep South route with Carpe Vita, as reported here: Carpe Vita Real Time Review: March 7-18, 2021 Trip to Maldives Deep South On this second part, we started from Male on Mar 21 going counterclockwise...
  20. Dan

    Trip Report Carpe Vita Real Time Review: March 7-18, 2021 Trip to Maldives Deep South

    Day 1 I arrived in Gan, Maldives yesterday. Carpe Vita offered $20 for wifi access during the trip. So, I thought, why not use it to do real time review of the trip, so it’ll be much easier for me to write the trip report afterwards, as some of the important notes would have already been posted...
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