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  1. Fishhy

    Komoda vs Space 5mm

    I'm having a hard time finding anyone with experience with the "new" Space 5mm men's. What is the material, and how does it compare to the Komoda?
  2. Fishhy

    Anyone with experience with the new Seac Space "Man" 5mm suits?

    I was in my local dive shop yesterday and saw they had this particular suit on sale- It was one of the only ones they carried that had the zippers on both the ankles and wrists (they don't carry Waterproof)- It had a fair amount of the "seal skin" and seemed to be very stretchy. I also liked...
  3. Fishhy

    Tungsten Carbide Knives for diving?

    Titanium is nice and light and corrosion resistant, but it doesn't hold a very good edge due to its softness. On the other hand; stainless doesn't seem so stainless when it comes to ocean water exposure. Why doesn't anyone make a tungsten carbide knife? It's more shatter prone/brittle, but it...
  4. Fishhy

    Trip Report March 19th Double Dip USNS Vandenberg - Key West, FL

    I had the privilege to dive on the USNS Hoyt S. Vandenberg this past Saturday. The conditions were great with very little current. We were able to free descend/ascend and do a lot of exploring. Sunny day, about 80F Visibility was about 50-60ft and a nice 78.5F average temperature underwater...
  5. Fishhy

    Just picked up regulator from 2 year service/rebuild - what to do with old parts

    When I picked up my regulator from service; they included a baggie with all the old parts. Most everything looked good with a tiny bit of dirt on the diaphragm and a couple small o-rings. Everything looked pretty good- I suppose they give you back your parts to prove they've been replaced, not...
  6. Fishhy

    For Sale Reminder- be careful who you deal with...

    If you get a "referral" from a brand new account on here to someone who is not on scubaboard; you should be weary. It's most likely a scam...
  7. Fishhy

    Wanted WTB Worthington x7-100

    In Jacksonville, FL Looking to buy 2 HP100s or 2 LP85s. They do not need to be mirrored. Prefer pro valve but DIN ok
  8. Fishhy

    Closed FS/FT LP 95's with fresh hydro (+)

    Two LP 95 tanks with fresh plus (+) Hydro (12/21). Looking to trade for LP 85's or sell for $225 each Jax, FL area. Thanks,
  9. Fishhy

    Pony bottle sling - position question

    I've been slinging a 19cuft pony bottle whenever I've been doing deep or penetration dives. But I've found that with my sling kit the valve tends to hang pretty low and ends up banging on doorway thresholds, etc unless I cradle it while diving. Today I was able to get some pool time to try out...
  10. Fishhy

    Singer Island Wreck and Reef (Drift dives) Report and Video

    I was fortunate enough to get a couple days off for a post labor day dive trip down to Singer Island. We of course hit the bridge, but we also did a shark dive and the tail end of the grouper aggregation. We dove 3 days (9/10-9/12) The bridge was great as usual with about 30 feet of visibility...
  11. Fishhy

    Anyone with PolarPro Switchblade? - Looking for dimensions to test on Osmo Action

    I'm very happy with my video and stills from my Osmo Action, but I'm finding it difficult to find a wet lens for macro. I noticed the waterproof case used by PolarPro for the switchblade, and my Osmo action case look almost identical. (See photos below). I was hoping someone might be able to...
  12. Fishhy

    Diver Missing, Jacksonville FL

    Last known coordinates: N 30 28.796' W 80 28.228' Family asking available boaters to assist. JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A man is missing after going diving off the coast of Mayport on Saturday. According to the U.S. Coast Guard, three people went diving about 46 miles off Mayport, but only two came...
  13. Fishhy

    Dive Report - May 30th in Key Largo - French Reef

    The weather was beautiful and the visibility was excellent! Current was almost non-existent! We were down for the memorial day weekend where I got my AOW certification and then a few fun dives including a night dive after AOW. We went with Rainbow reef - which for our group was good, but billing...
  14. Fishhy

    Trip Report Kauai Scuba Report - Just back from Kauai! Beautiful dives with monk seals

    I just got back from an amazing family vacation to Kauai for 12 nights. While things are opening up, we had some challenges, mostly with restaurants with our large group of 18. I planned three dive trips while I was there, One local reefs, one dusk/night dive at Koloa landing, and one big 3...
  15. Fishhy

    Aqualung 2019 Yoke Legend - Convert to DIN?

    I've been eyeballing some HP tanks, but the service pressure requires DIN, so I was wondering.... Is there a kit still available to convert my Yoke into DIN? I saw a while back about it, but all the links seem to show discontinued. Anyone have experience with this? I'd think it would be more...
  16. Fishhy

    Teric Feature request

    It would be really nice of there was an option to change the display offset to "rotate" the orientation off axis. My arm doesn't go perfectly perpendicular comfortably. So it would be really nice if it could offset to be "level" when held at say a 45° when I'm holding my hands together in...
  17. Fishhy

    Lost - Lime green Mares Puck Pro Plus - Crystal River Plantation boat ramp

    Lime green Mares Puck Pro Plus was lost at the Crystal River Boat Ramp in the Plantation (I think it may have been left at the cutting boards). It has my name and number on the back with sharpie. I think it was left, or fell out of my reg bag while rinsing everything off at the cutting board...
  18. Fishhy

    Thoughts? Pony bottle to integrated octo / inflator?

    I was pondering a 13 or 19cuft pony setup. Anyone just attach it to an integrated inflator / octo setup to avoid additional hoses? Obviously the downside is that I'd be using my octo air when I'm adjusting boyancy, but my purpose for it is otherwise as a bailout tank only not deco tank and I'm...
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