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  1. drk5036

    Regulator Failure - Galapagos

    Do you know the diver didn’t do these things? Maybe they did. Because nothing of what you said would have prevented their OOA emergency.
  2. drk5036

    New DGX regulator

    Push the button down, *just a little bit*
  3. drk5036

    Scuba junkies komodo

    as @dirtfarmer said, the boats aren't small. Lots of lounging around room. And because they're not fast boats, it is more comfortable. But it also is a relatively long day on the boats. However, given what's around in the area, it's not like there's much else to do anyway. For what it's worth...
  4. drk5036

    Review New Dive Gear Express glue-on thigh pockets

    I also have used the old DGX pockets that are neoprene backed, but these are far superior I think, and only cost 20 dollars more each!
  5. drk5036

    Bali opening?

    Is this a new thing when I went to Komodo in 2019 I just bought tickets direct through LionAir I think…
  6. drk5036

    Otg 38# wing

    That price isn’t completely unheard of for a single tank wing:
  7. drk5036

    New DGX regulator

    Also this: 899 dollars for a full reg set and BPW. wow.
  8. drk5036

    New DGX regulator

    The open water streamlined set is really a deal at 549 dollars. The first stage really looks like a MK25, I wonder what the second stage is similar to? It’s really a whopper of a deal, coming in 250 dollars cheaper to the comparable D6 setup. I suppose D6 has build up a solid reputation now...
  9. drk5036

    Review New Dive Gear Express glue-on thigh pockets

    At the height of the brexit uncertainty, I bought a neoprene drysuit from Seaskin. Nearly complete bare-bones model, cost me 650 dollars shipped! In general I’m happy without all the extra bells and whistles, but the one thing I did regret was not getting pockets put on my suit. I’ve been...
  10. drk5036

    New diver stuck between 2 computers

    Here is how I did mine. I use a plastic clip to allow me to change the length of the bungees. I usually dive in a drysuit and therefore need extra room, but when I go to Okinawa in summer and dive in a thin wetsuit I want it shorter. This allows me control the length. If one side of the bungee...
  11. drk5036

    One day of diving in japan

    People are happy without the tourists; this is part of the issue. Honestly for me though it’s great. I can do tourist things without dealing with the crowds haha. And yes Okinawa isn’t too far and they diving is fantastic.
  12. drk5036

    One day of diving in japan

    No visas have been issued for tourism in over two years, unfortunately. We are hoping that’ll change by the end of the summer, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. It could be a while.
  13. drk5036

    One day of diving in japan

    You are of course welcome too Simon, lol. It’s boat diving and I go with a local group associated with the university. Summer temps are up to about 22 at the surface, bottom temp usually gets up to about 18-19. Right now it’s a balmy 8 degrees.
  14. drk5036

    One day of diving in japan

    If you end up in Hokkaido you can let me know also. The diving here is pretty good but relatively cold.
  15. drk5036

    One day of diving in japan

    One day in those locations probably isn’t worth it. If you were in Okinawa, it definitely is. In Tokyo you can dive in the Izu peninsula area, but it’s a bit of a trek and mostly where the locals dive, not a travel destination. When I went to Kyushu I was also thinking about diving but didn’t...
  16. drk5036

    Wing Size Advantages and Disadvantages

    “Uncontrolled descents” lol. There’s a lot more casualties due to uncontrolled ascents than uncontrolled descents.
  17. drk5036

    Frogman drysuit first impression

    Because you have to buy in rubles, which is a mystery currency right now. Not even getting into the ethics of buying something from Russia right now given the current climate. Also shipping? It's in "do not touch" category for me now.
  18. drk5036

    Liveaboard fire

    Also smoke detectors have radioactive components in them, don’t they? I’d be worried about trying to travel internationally with one…
  19. drk5036

    Dry Gloves - Ultima vs Kubi systems over latex?

    I have some questions about this system! I've never used dry gloves or ring systems, so I'm having trouble imagining it. If you glue the rings into the sleeves of your drysuit, do you have the option of diving either with regular wrist seals or the dry gloves? are silicone seals also an...
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