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  1. bradells

    Advanced open water question

    Back to the AOW route ... Its now Deep and Navigation? Thought it was Navigation and PPB doing fin pivots and Budda hovers ... (or all 3, dunno) Adding in Nitrox (and subsequently what ever else is required to get the Nitrox card) and then something that mirrors the diving you are or want to...
  2. bradells

    Advanced open water question

    Everyone has their own experiences from training, and (potentially) how people instruct their own classes. I have 4 different agencies names on cards in my wallet. All 'recreational' certifications (3 different nitrox, 1 specialized equipment repair, 1 OW, 1 AOW, 2 drysuit, 2 fundies, 1 wreck...
  3. bradells

    Advanced open water question

    And part of the 'tech' route is learning what is appropriate for a dive. Doesn't mean doubles or nothing! Also most intro courses do not require doubles btw. Half my dives/year are doubles, the other, single tank. Depends on the dive. BRad
  4. bradells

    Cleaning Regulator

    Soak in hot water and a little scrub with an old tooth brush BRad
  5. bradells

    Nitrox cylinder bands

    So, do you think fill stations should require a tank to get an O2 cleaning (tank and valve) every time you get a fill then? What is your thoughts on 'how old is too old?' - # fills/time? BRad
  6. bradells

    What's the weirdest/most unexpected thing in your dive bag?

    Depends on what you consider ... PDB Condoms Bungee Tent pegs Tap water Zip Ties Various things to make things sticky Various things to make things not sticky Garden sprayer Table Chair Tarps Floor Matts Dive Shop **Gasp** Dive gear? BRad
  7. bradells

    Belize Water Temps?

    28C is what my '15 November trip and computer told me 25C is what my '15 January trip and computer told me 25C is what my '14 Feb trip and computer told me Prior trips, I didn't have the ability to check temperature ... BRad
  8. bradells

    Nitrox cylinder bands

    Sorry if this has been mentioned before.. Nitrox cleaned and O2 cleaned are two different things. For some shops they could be the same, but generally 'Nitrox ready/clean/compatible' are up to (MAX) 40% O2 content They might not use O2 compatible lube, o rings or check thoroughly while...
  9. bradells

    Which Mask Are You Using?

    I have a bunch of the same that fit .... Find one that fits. Ones that fit ME are inexpensive H2O Glaciers/Onyx. BRad
  10. bradells

    Victoria Vis conditions?

    27/1 - Henderson ~10m 28/1 - Ogden ~5m BRad
  11. bradells

    Caye Caulker Diving & Accommodations?

    I tend to stay at hostels while on CC. Inexpensive and fun. I tend to use Yumas, it's right beside the water taxi dock, and Suzanne keeps a tight ship (as well as overnight security), so there is very little issues during your stay. Private rooms available too. The 'dorms' are 2 bunk beds, and a...
  12. bradells

    Ultrasonic Cleaning?

    Per the "you can't do it better/cheaper than the LDS" argument, I have another take on that... Last regs I took in, after confirming with the LDS they can work on them (they don't carry that brand, but it's pretty generic), 6 weeks later, I get them back, usual rate (~$30 parts & ~$30 Labour...
  13. bradells

    Ultrasonic Cleaning?

    I'm just recently into the US and cleaning game ... Bought a Trusonik 1.5L (60W with 100W heater) from ebay, I do 10:1 with vinegar and then 10:1 soak in simple green, then a soak in clean water to get rid of the simple green funk (as per my reg instructor). 5 minutes is plenty, and metal...
  14. bradells

    Answered: 'New Posts'

    I'll give it a go ... but it appears to be the exact same page as 'New Posts' .... Clicked, and now 'Recent Posts' has been removed, and I can see all the posts (even mine). Thanks, BRad
  15. bradells

    Answered: 'New Posts'

    Hi, I've noticed that with looking under 'New Posts' in the Community tab, it will show all new posts to threads (very similar to what the old forum showed). BUT, say I responded to a thread, that post will not show up, presumably until someone else also posts in that thread. Is there a way...
  16. bradells

    Is there a Dive Club in Kona area?

    Could try HUE (Hawaii Underwater Explorers) Yeah they're GUE, but they love diving! BRad
  17. bradells

    gue accepting certs from another organisation, experiences?

    Take fundamentals in whatever you are diving now (provided it meets the equipment requirements). If thats singles and a wet suit, that. You can always go back and do a checkout dive later for an upgraded rating. Doubles aren't too hard to get used too, but a drysuit is! Especially if you...
  18. bradells

    Tanks sitting and need a Vis

    Might as well enjoy your stored gas before taking them in BRad
  19. bradells

    Servicing your own Scubapro and Atomic regs?

    Wow, up here they're $25 CAD. Normally we're the ones getting screwed over .... I'd almost rather buy a new one on sale at your prices BRad
  20. bradells

    Do You Remove Battery From Your Dive Computer?

    Yes I remove my bottom timer battery, but followed shortly by a new battery when the old one is ready to be recycled. The $4 for a new battery is negligible. BRad
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