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  1. brianto

    siquijor dive centres, dumped by kiwi resort.

    can any body reccomend a good dive centre on siquijor island, i had a confirmed booking at the kiwi dive resort, however i just called them to confirm my arrival for tomorrow and was told "we don't have your booking and we are full" which is bull as i confirmed with a guy called bruce and still...
  2. brianto

    5 days in moalboal but no pescador island.

    just spent 5 days in moalboal, should have been 7 but thanks to ridiculous delays from finnair it got cut to 5, weather was so bad could not get a trip to pescador island, only dived the near reefs, anyway i have now moved onto dumaguete and hopefully gonna dive apo island tomorrow, the dive...
  3. brianto

    Mares abyss CWD kit

    i have old heavy mares abyss, i recently bought the CWD kit, i did not want one but i got it for just £6.60 off ebay brand new, i have never messed with my regs before but am a competent mechanic so i think fitting the kit will be within my capabilities, from what i have learned i just unscrew...
  4. brianto

    hello from england

    i am new here to this board making my first post, done all of my diving around thailand and the philippines only, would love to make a start on UK diving next summer, looking forward to sharing some information with you guys. :)
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