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  1. YellowfinKunkfish

    FS RS130 Reg package, excellent used condition

    This reg has about 79 dives on it, all fresh water, always rinsed and cleaned properly. Here is a link to my ebay auction: TUSA RS130 Reg, Aeris 200 console, Mares Octo, EUC!! - eBay (item 160533866615 end time Jan-24-11 10:07:07 PST) Thanks, Rhonda
  2. YellowfinKunkfish

    2 size 6 wetsuits, and a size med. hooded vest!

    Henderson Hyperstretch 7 mil size 6, Neosport 4/3 size 6, and a Pinnacle Merino lined hooded vest size med. 7mil for sale! Here is a link to my ebay auction: Two wetsuits, size 6, and Hooded vest size med. EUC!! - eBay (item 160524763635 end time Jan-05-11 08:50:52 PST) Rhonda
  3. YellowfinKunkfish

    2 used AL80's, bright yellow, great condition!

    Thank you for the offer, but we would rather not mess with shipping these at all. Rhonda
  4. YellowfinKunkfish

    Used tanks for sale!

    Just wanted to let everyone here know (since it's local pick-up only) that we have some used AL80's for sale over in the classified section. Thanks, Rhonda
  5. YellowfinKunkfish

    Size 6 7mil Henderson Titanium Hyperstretch Wetsuit

    Selling my 7mil Henderson Hyperstretch wetsuit, it's a size 6, and it is in excellent used condition. It was bought new from Scuba Toys in 2007, and has been worn approximately 15 to 20 times, in fresh water only. It shows some normal wear, and pilling. (mostly where my BC tightens up) It's...
  6. YellowfinKunkfish

    2 used AL80's, bright yellow, great condition!

    Selling two used AL80's in the DFW area. They are bright yellow, and need VIP, and will need hydro in Sept. 2011. They are in excellent working condition. Can't ship these, but we are willing to meet up if you are in the North Texas area. Asking $75.00 each, or $125.00 for the pair. Thanks...
  7. YellowfinKunkfish

    Suunto Gekko wrist dive computer

    Selling my dive computer too! It's been a great little computer, no problems at all! Here is a link to the ebay auction. Suunto Gekko wrist Dive Computer Air/Nitrox - eBay (item 160513788615 end time Dec-08-10 10:46:42 PST) Thanks Rhonda
  8. YellowfinKunkfish

    Ladies Hooded Vest Med, gloves size XS, boots size 6

    Selling a Ladies Pinnacle Merino lined 7mm hooded vest size Med., a pair of Henderson Titanium hyperstretch gloves size XS, and a pair of Tusa Imprex dive boots size 6, all in excellent shape! All items were barely used, in fresh water. Here are the links to the ebay pages. Ladies Pinnacle...
  9. YellowfinKunkfish

    Zeagle Zena BCD, black, size Med

    I'm selling a very nice, excellent condition, used Zeagle Zena BC. It's black, and it's a size Med, but the shoulder straps are a size small. Bought it new at Scuba Toys in June 2007. Here is a link to my ebay auction. Thank You, Rhonda Black, Ladies Zeagle Zena BCD, size M, EUC! - eBay (item...
  10. YellowfinKunkfish

    Texoma Diving

    I hate to be a downer, but... 1. I believe your park pass is expired. 2. Harvey really has no business diving in Texoma. 3. There have been zebra mussels in Murray for years, and it seems to me the vis just keeps getting worse. 4. You may be booked Saturday afternoon if Ryan is still...
  11. YellowfinKunkfish

    Hop Hop Hop............

    Happy Easter to you too Alan, and all the other swampers! Avocados sound interesting Frank, much harder to find.:D I got out of coloring, and hiding this year, the kids think they're too old for that now. Yay for me!! I think? It's the end of an era... Rhonda
  12. YellowfinKunkfish

    Swampers DIVE CAMP Weekend anyone?

    The Kunkel's are considering coming down for this weekend, and would be very interested in hearing more about this! We would probably have to bring kiddos too...
  13. YellowfinKunkfish

    Balmorhea in March?

    Spring break is the 15th through the 19th of March. That may be why Balmorhea is so full. Kunk35 and I will be there the 14th through the 16th, we have an rv spot reserved. You might consider camping, the motel may be full, but camping spots may still be open. Rhonda
  14. YellowfinKunkfish

    2010 Arctic Dive at Lake Murray

    Hold two tickets for us please! We are bringing little Kunks, probably all three, do we need tickets for them too? Rhonda
  15. YellowfinKunkfish

    2010 Arctic Dive at Lake Murray

    Okay, I don't want to miss this huge bonfire, so we might just have to camp too. Richerso and Gena, where do we purchase the meal tickets once we get there? I'll bring brownies, if that sounds okay. :D I don't care how cold it is, I MUST get in the water. Rhonda
  16. YellowfinKunkfish

    2010 Arctic Dive at Lake Murray

    We were thinking day trip too, and stay for dinner. If we go we'll be bringing the white pop-up, and the heater to warm us up after the dive. We were waiting to see who all was going, and what the weather might be like. I wonder if anyone has any temps for Murray lately? I was hoping for 50's...
  17. YellowfinKunkfish

    2010 Arctic Dive at Lake Murray

    Is anyone else thinking of going to this?? 2010 Arctic Dive Information Rhonda
  18. YellowfinKunkfish

    Thanks SB Staffers and gang..............

    Happy Birthday Alan!!! I hope you had a great day!:party: Rhonda
  19. YellowfinKunkfish

    Happy birthday to Foo!!!

    Happy Birthday Foo!!:party: Rhonda
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