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  1. opie

    Condensation around p-valve?

    Ok done my first few dives the other day with my newly installed p-valve. When we finished up i noticed more of what i would call moisture instead of a leak around the area of the valve. Didn't smell of urine so i figured the valve itself wasn't leaking and it wasn't really enough water to...
  2. opie

    Well i installed my first P-Valve

    I just lost a Drysuit to the USPS so i was kinda gun shy about sending my new one out. So i decided to tackle this project my self. Honestly its not that difficult,if you have any kind of DIY skill this is a piece of cake. I did glue mine just for the simple fact,it made me feel better about it...
  3. opie

    Oceanic GT3 and VersaPro computer

    Have a nice regulator set for sale. If interested let me know Oceanic GT3 Regulator and Oceanic Versapro Computer | eBay
  4. opie

    Regular Tech gear or Rebreather?

    i have searched and searched for the answer/opinions on this,to no avail. So on to my question.....I am looking at getting into tech diving for the reason of diving wrecks. I am up in the air about equipment selection. Since i will be purchasing all new tech gear i was wondering if it would be...
  5. opie

    Insurance question

    Ok the shop i am doing my DM thru and will do my AI,IDC and IE with has recommended i get insurance under their policy. As i would have a better coverage if something happened while teaching,guiding or working with them. The problem is that there is a more local shop(they didn't offer DM or...
  6. opie

    Padi and Dan?

    This may be the wrong place for this but was unsure of where else to post it. Why doesn't PADI or DAN have a forum on here?
  7. opie

    In the market for a new reg...

    Well it's time for me to upgrade my regulator. I have narrowed my search down to 3 regs. 1. Zeagle Flathead 7 2.Apex XTX 3. Aqualung Legend All are basically in the same price range,features,etc. I am looking for any input as to any problems or other nit picky things about these...
  8. opie

    IPhone or BB Bold

    I am in the market for a new smart phone. Up in the air between the IPhone or the Blackberry Bold. Have read reveiws online but most seem oneside . Was loking for some input from folks that have used them for a while. Thanks:D
  9. opie

    A DM without insurance

    I was talking to a lady at the quarry this past weekend. She said she was a DM but didn't carry any insurance,for she was not interested in teaching or supervising any students. Said she only took the course for the knowledge aspect of it. Just curious of any others that have done this.
  10. opie

    Rock Boots with wetsuit

    I became tired of swapping fins between my wetsuit boots and my dry suit boots. So i ordered a pair of 3mm sock and plan on wearing them and my drysuit boots all the time now,even with my wetsuit. Has anyone else tried this? If so any pitfalls to this idea or am i just a :dork2: in a...
  11. opie

    Zeagle Gatorskin Dry Suit

    Ran a search but no opions of use came up. Has anybody seen or used this suit? Good,Bad,ugly? I figure as with most Zeagle products it should be top notch but still like to hear from other folks first.
  12. opie

    Stamina Skills

    Ok i am just wondering if i am the only one that has had problems with this. I could only tread water for about 5 mins and could only swim about 75m before i was washed. :dork2:
  13. opie

    Keys in April

    I am heading to the Keys the 12th of april to do 3 days of diving. What can i expect for water and air temps? Thanks
  14. opie

    Seals too tight?

    My daughter just tried on her Bare CD4 drysuit last night for the first time. She said the wrist seals were too tight but i think she was just exagerating. Although the neck seal was a different story. I had it stretchd as far as it would go and it was still rather tough to get on and...
  15. opie

    Dry suit bag?

    What kind if any would you guys recommend/suggest? I have a trilam suit but all it came with is that full zip bag that lays flat. Was looking at something like this..... XS Scuba BG230 Drysuit Duffel Scuba Gear Bag Just really looking for ideas. Don't want to stuff it and my undergarments...
  16. opie

    Ding!! Dry Gloves are in..

    My Si-Tech Dry Gloves showed up the other day(thanks DRIS). Well they seem to be very well made. Instructions were pretty easy to follow,although it doesn't explain how to remove the cuffs from the suit once installed. Being the astronuclearproton genuis that i am i ended up with the cuff...
  17. opie

    Dry Gloves?

    I ran a search but nothing specific came up. I am considering getting a set but i am lost. opions on what style/brands would be great. Also any pros/cons. I currently have a trilam with latex seals. and as always..thanks!!
  18. opie

    First Dry Suit...Woohoo!!

    I just picked up my first Dry Suit the other day. I have started my DM program so i will be diving in the chilly quarry a good bit more. I got the Typhoon Tri-lam from Divers-Supply(not online,locally;)). I have dove dry before but never owned one,anything special i should do or be concerned...
  19. opie

    The going rate for DM

    I am getting ready to start my DM. I have been talking with a local shop about the class. I was curious of one thing though,the class is $800. Is this about the going rate for a DM cert or should i be looking around some more? Thanks for any help;)
  20. opie

    Newbie on the board

    I have already posted some but never really introduced myself in here. So........... I am from Rock Hill,SC. Married for 17yrs with 2 kids:sos: I hold a Master Scuba certification. My five certs are..... 1. Equipment specialist 2. Full Face Mask 3. Dry suit 4. Nitrox 5...
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