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  1. Titatom

    Travel to Indonesia

    @marsh9077 - Thank you. @Dan - Muchas gracias. @Indah - Welcome back on the SB board and thank you.
  2. Titatom

    Travel to Indonesia

    How do you manage to dive almost every month? Envious. Lol. I am about 5 hours north of you and I only managed to go to BZE this year. I think RA in Dec. will not be happening :(
  3. Titatom

    Travel to Indonesia

    @marsh9077 May I know if you applied for a tourist visa before traveling to Indonesia? Or, they still provide visa on arrival? Thanks!
  4. Titatom

    Foreigners not allowed in Sorong

    The problem with CoVid testing, a requirement prior to entering/returning to the US, is that, it does not catch 100% of the cases. There are quite a few variables- incubation period or timing of the sample, adequacy of sampling, number of virus (if present), etc. Best to just continue to...
  5. Titatom

    Foreigners not allowed in Sorong

    I am assuming that you are asking about countries that are currently open that is not Indonesia? Maldives. Just steer clear of Male, the capital, and where the international airport is located. If the resort can pick you up and transfer directly to the their island from the airport, that will...
  6. Titatom

    Foreigners not allowed in Sorong

    We moved our trip from 2020 to December 2021 and there are plenty of spaces available. We booked on the GAIA live aboard. They are pretty good and I know of divers who had been on it repeatedly. Having said that, the prospects of a sailing for the end of the year is still very much up in the...
  7. Titatom

    Foreigners not allowed in Sorong

    We moved ours from last year to Dec. 2021 for RA. Option now is to reschedule to March 2022 but not sure if Indonesia will even be ready by then. Thinking of canceling at this point....
  8. Titatom

    Foreigners not allowed in Sorong

    ANY UPDATES ON TRAVEL TO RAJA AMPAT? I just saw this today:Traveling to Indonesia? Here are 9 Points You Need to Know - Indonesia Travel Idk if this is for resident or business visitors only, or if tourists on holiday will be allowed. Traveling to Indonesia? Here are 9 Points You Need to Know...
  9. Titatom

    Pre-LOB hotel close to Maumere

    For those vaccinated - the vaccine you received may matter where you travel, at least for now. COVID vaccine brand matters if you’re traveling abroad - BusinessWorld
  10. Titatom

    Post-vaccine traveling

    Deleted original post. Sorry. Had some questions earlier but found the answers. For those who wondered: My question was in regard to traveling to BZE. As of April 22, 2021 - Vaccinated guests should have the 2 doses, with the last dose administered 2 weeks prior to traveling. No need for the...
  11. Titatom

    Indonesia: Bali set to welcome tourists in July

    Thanks for the info. Still hopeful......
  12. Titatom

    Trip Report Belize Feb 2021 Trip Report

    Agree with Ayisha's observation on diving at Glover's atoll. It is more remote and therefore, the reef is relatively healthier. We stayed at Off the Wall Dive Eco Resort, ran by a couple from Oregon. I liked the resort but mind you - it is an ECO resort. No A/C, but the cottages are well...
  13. Titatom

    ScubaBoard Invasion Central 2021 Belize

    Hi Dan, Thanks for the info. May I know about the flight to BZE? Were the flights full? Thanks.
  14. Titatom

    Covid surging in Bonaire

    Need to have a 24/7 testing kiosk at airports; or, a secure automated instrument set up, so that the passengers can do self testing and move on.
  15. Titatom

    Turneffe Island Resort? Is 3 weeks to long to stay.

    We were at TIR several years ago and enjoyed it. 7-10 days for me. Another option in Belize is Off the Wall resort at Glovers Atoll. You have to take a 'puddle jumper' flight to Dangriga however, and spend a night there. The resort will pick you up from the hotel. They can make the arrangements...
  16. Titatom

    Will there be diving in the Philippines this summer?

    Is your friend a Filipino citizen or passport holder? Just curious.
  17. Titatom

    For Sale Olympus OMD-EM5 II with 4" Dome - $2,750

    Will you consider selling the Sola light separately? Thanks.
  18. Titatom

    For Sale Nauticam NA-LX10 Pro Package + Lumix DMC-LX10 + Light & Motion Sola 3500 + Wide & Macro Lenses LN

    I just need the Sola video light. Will you consider selling it separately? Thanks.
  19. Titatom

    Will there be diving in the Philippines this summer?

    Things change all the time and sudden. Cebu is 'hot' spot right now. Quarantine extended and even some degree of lockdown. A couple of hospitals in Manila closed due to staff fatigue and too many COVId patients.. Here is the latest PAL advisory: .PAL Flights for August and onwards And, from the...
  20. Titatom

    Will there be diving in the Philippines this summer?

    For those wanting to travel to the Philippines, as of July 21, 2020, You need a Philippine passport to be granted entry. I heard of travelers arriving at LAX just to be refused boarding on PAL because they are not Philippine passport holders. Below is a link from the PAL website regarding...
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