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  1. endurodog

    Now What? New Diver Looking for Advice.

    Very cool on Rainbow Reef, that is where I did my instructor stuff. Quality operation. Enjoy!!!!!
  2. endurodog

    Galapagos affected by warm water / El Nino?

    I was there 2 weeks ago. It was my first time so I have to go on the words of others. Temps were warmer than usual. Most of our dive temps were mid 70's had a few in the upper 60's. One dive we went a little deeper and had brief low 60's. We saw all the usual life We saw 4 whale sharks on...
  3. endurodog

    What benefits do instructors get?

    What most have said all ready and for me I live in land locked Colorado. Not really a lot to see in the lakes so instructing gives me a good reason to get in the muddy lake with horrible viz.
  4. endurodog

    Lightroom Dehaze for Underwater Photo Editing

    Tried this on a couple of photos and it worked great!!! Didn't realize the tool was in there, thanks for posting!
  5. endurodog

    Best Shore Diving

    Thanks guys. Land locked here in Colorado and would like to be by the ocean so looking at possibilities and places. Good shore diving is high on my list of factors. Thanks for your input.
  6. endurodog

    Whats your favorite shore diving spot?

    I was hoping for spots in the area covered in this forum
  7. endurodog

    Whats your favorite shore diving spot?

    Was wondering what your favorite shore diving spot is and why you like your spot. Thanks guys.
  8. endurodog

    Best Shore Diving

    Was wondering what some thoughts are on where the best shore diving is in the state and why you like your spot? Thanks guys
  9. endurodog

    Traveling with rebreather

    Got to spend some time in a pool with a rebreather a year ago and really enjoyed it. Been thinking about one but I'm land locked in the Denver area. I do dive here in the local lakes but that's not the best use for a rebreather. It would be some of the dive destinations I travel to that I...
  10. endurodog

    Article: Air integrated dive computers

    I use AI with no back up and love it. Many, many dives with no failures. I do however keep a spg on the boat/shore in my dive bag just in case but have never needed it. The pluses I have found that in downloading the computer it tracks my air usage better and less hoses and bulk.
  11. endurodog

    scuba training academies in the keys

    On that note. The certification as instructor requires you go through an IDC. IDCs have to be taught by course directors. The majority of shops don't have course directors on staff. Shops like Rainbow Reef have 2 course directors on staff and you get the benefit of 2, and yes it was a benefit...
  12. endurodog

    scuba training academies in the keys

    Obviously your a PADI bashed. Plenty on Scubaboard. You haven't been to a course at Rainbow or observed. I have. Along with my DM and asst instructor at others. Yep shops choose who they hire and there going to hire the best candidate. Again separate issue beyond the training. You can...
  13. endurodog

    scuba training academies in the keys

    We'll I'm an old diver myself.Initial cert in 1983 (NAUI) So your issue is with the cert standards as a whole. That's a whole other subject than calling a dive shop an ""instructor mill". You do address your definition of instructor mill a bit with the collecting money and passing a few...
  14. endurodog

    scuba training academies in the keys

    Everyone has to meet the dive number requirements before someone can certify as an instructor. All shops are required that their students meet those same numbers. Why I'm sure there are shops big and small it's almost unheard of that they would not accept a candidate for IDC that meets those...
  15. endurodog

    scuba training academies in the keys

    Have to disagree with the instructor mill comments. Don't feel like I went to an instructor mill, got good instruction and feel like a competent instructor. Didn't know you guys had been and seen what instruction goes on there. When did you attend or observe??? FWIW I did my DM and Asst...
  16. endurodog

    scuba training academies in the keys

    I did my instructor stuff at Rainbow Reef and would highly recommend it! Ross is the CD there and if you call and talk to him he will answer all your questions. Great course and great instruction.
  17. endurodog

    Fabian Cousteau - A Phony? I think he is disgracing the family name!

    How will our actions be judge in the future? JC seemed to be on the forefront of protecting the seas back then and his actions paved the way for where we are today.
  18. endurodog

    Breaking into the world of DSLR

    James both sets are fantastic Thanks for sharing
  19. endurodog

    Breaking into the world of DSLR

    James do you notice a difference in quality from your Rx100 to your D7000?
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