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  1. Alastor

    Painting fins

    Someone used acrylic paint with stencils.
  2. Alastor

    waterproof ink to mark your gears?

    For fabric/neoprene you could use "scuba goop". Google for it. It is sold in many fluo colors. For smooth surfaces you can buy stickers with personalized printing on it. There are special stickers, sold by the sheet on eBay, they lasts many months when attached on a clean surface. The drawback...
  3. Alastor

    Question about dive computer sample rate?

    I usually read instantaneous values for the depth - I wear a Perdix, a Suunto HelO2 and sometimes a D6i also and their readings change simultaneously. I never changed the default sample rate that is what recorded in the log. I can also say that, the max depth, even if recorded in the summary...
  4. Alastor

    Pencil dilemma

    I use, for every kind of pencil, a piece of heat shrink tube where I put a string, a bungee or whatever with a small knot at the end. It is very effective, do not slip away and very cheap.
  5. Alastor

    Pencil dilemma

    True it is the best product, but here, in EU it costs less than 6 or 7 € (no shipping if you have Amazon Prime). You should buy this one instead ;-)
  6. Alastor

    Ratio of Johnsons baby shampoo and water for

    Some titrate from the golden-ratio to pi (squared) should be good enough for every dive in the northern hemisphere. I apologize for those who dive south, they should find out the best proportion in a trial and error trail. I had, once, a buddy who used his spit and it worked flawlessly, but I...
  7. Alastor

    Magnetic octopus/hose holder - destroyed in 4 days

    Same experience - maybe sensibly more than 4 days .. it took six or seven ! Then my buddy bought a similar but mechanical (non magnetic) one:
  8. Alastor

    DIR- Generic Petite lady diver on a long hose

    Why Custom-Length Dive Hoses? - Monterey Bay Diving
  9. Alastor

    DIR- Generic Petite lady diver on a long hose

    It sounds weird to me that just 1 foot less goes from being too long to the short side. Anyway there are places where you can obtain any length you ask for, so try to figure out the desired size and go for it.
  10. Alastor

    Backup Mask - Ever Had to Use While Solo?

    So you was lucky to not have any other consequences from those little glass pieces. Glad to hear that.
  11. Alastor

    Backup Mask - Ever Had to Use While Solo?

    How did this happen ?
  12. Alastor

    Signal for "OK"

    I never though it was for "everything it's fine" but "I hate you".
  13. Alastor

    Critter ID?

    The very first is also known as "spanish dancer" - the scientific name is aplysia.
  14. Alastor

    Things you've found under water

    I suppose the arm was left ... by the previous owner. Were you able to find him ? (sorry I didn't resist)
  15. Alastor

    spg off by 30bars??

    I see your truly love for her - you are right and I apologize for my previous words. I also confess that on my technical rig I have your sister in law mounted and clipped on my hip left d-ring;-)
  16. Alastor

    spg off by 30bars??

    I think the device suffers from bad advertising... Think at it as a bottom timer with air integration ... and to be more versatile it could just have a way (button) to reset the average depth and more divers could also be interested. And now: a bottom timer with user replaceable battery with...
  17. Alastor

    spg off by 30bars??

    I'm the second one who bought one Cressi Digi 2 spg. The cover plate has a small magnet on the bottom right corner that is necessary in case you want to change from metric to imperial units. In that case you do not need to pressurize the spg. You can also use any small magnet for the purpose.
  18. Alastor

    Things you've found under water

    Didi you look for the previous wife or you just chose to keep him ?
  19. Alastor

    Si tech inflator valve

    Probably grinding a normal socket would fit, just grab a cheap one with the 1/4 " or 1/2" hex socket and go easy. I don't think the nut is deadly tightened. just my 2c.
  20. Alastor

    Perdix Erroneous Battery Replacement Prompt

    Might it have been banged ? In that case the spring could have been compressed for a moment and that caused a temporary loss of power. Just my 2 cents.
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