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    Direction needed :) Mozambique/SA

    Hi all, My wife and I are looking at a next trip, no specific timing in mind. We both have ~800 and are spoiled to the bone, so please be critical :). After going through an extreme macro fase (Lembeh, Ambon etc) we are going through a 'big stuff' fase, preferably sharks. We're just back from...
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    Has anybody been diving in Tuvalu ?

    Hi, Did you find out more about Tuvalu? I'm looking into it, but cannot find much information :). Thanks!
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    Decompression Course

    One thing I do know is that I have never had any trouble with CMAS and BSAC divers who dived with me, and that cannot be said for PADI divers :)... Again I don't know all there is to know about their systems, but it sure seems to work. The PADI system is simply popular because it is a...
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    Decompression Course

    Hi All, Some things seem to have been 'lost in translation', most likely because I typed my previous post quite quickly. I must admit that I do find it quite remarkable how quickly people respond in quite a negative way on something they perceive as not being the 'right way of doing things'...
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    Decompression Course

    Dive-site -- Great Hammerheads :) Please follow the same link as mentioned above (Dive Sites Rangiroa, French Polynesia | Tiputa Pass and Avatoru Pass), but than look at "the Run": The run : This is a very deep dive which is done only by the most experienced of divers. It is done at the mouth...
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    Decompression Course

    Hi All, Again thanks for the ongoing advise, tips, comments and more. My idea is not to go "fully into tech" I am enjoying myself more than enough (at least for the moment) at anywhere between 0-40 meters. The only issue I have with Rangiroa is that from what I read the interesting bit of the...
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    Decompression Course

    Hi All, Thank you so much for the generous replies! This was a lot more than I was expecting in such a short time... I need a bit of time (it is Sunday-evening here and it was a very long long day today) to read through this properly and post a proper reply. Two short immediate replies: 1...
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    Decompression Course

    Hi All, Hopefully an easy question, but I have read some contradicting things on different forums hence the post. My girlfriend and I (both PADI Instructors incl. Nitrox and Deep specialty instructor) are thinking of a holiday to French Polynesia to dive the Tiputa pass in Rangiroa and...
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    Oh, my, but the Buddy Dive Galapagos liveaboard fiasco is getting juicy.+

    The whole fishing business in Galapagos is a bit strange in my opinion. I was on the Humboldt Explorer a couple of months back diving in lovely Wolf and Darwin, coming back from a night dive there was a 1.5m Tuna hanging from a hook... The boat was "treated" with some fresh Sashimi that night...
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    Review -- ScubaBro -- Anilao

    Usually I use forums to find information, but I don't post much. Only when there is limited information or something is extremely good / bad I feel the need to add. Summary: OUR short experience diving Anilao (one week of diving dec/jan 2014): - Good diving, long dive-times, loads to see in the...
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    Typhoon Yolanda - Impact on Malapascua Island

    We also just went to Malapascua (16-23dec) and the Thresher sharks were still great (6 dives all filled with sharks :)), people are awesome (especially when you realize some of them don't have a house for the moment...). Most of the resorts / dive shops have managed to reopen before the...
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    need Anilao - budget resorts - deciding in next 24hrs!

    Hey Orenbvip, We are currently in Anilao, getting here is quite easy and does not have to be expensive (although private transport is...). 1. Take taxi from the airport to bus station (tell the driver you want to take the JAM Liner to Batangas City) --- we took it from the port 120php on the...
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    Where to do DM-course?

    Thanks for your responses DevonDiver and Bubble Junky. Sounds like good advise to look for a smaller resort, as you mentioned the chances of getting integrated into all aspects of the daily work are probably higher. We will check out LumbaLumba (despite a previous comment of myself, that was...
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    Where to do DM-course?

    Hi All, I am quite new to the forum and if this is the wrong place to post, please let me know. Background info - Couple going pro We are a Dutch/French couple end 20s early 30s who are going to "go pro" :). Our aim is to make diving our living and the focus is to do so in SEA / South-Pacific...
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    Pulau Weh Dive Centres

    My girlfriend and I want to go diving on Pulau Weh Cheers
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    Danger. Lumba Lumba in Palau Weh.

    Thanks for this useful info! ...will search for a different operator.
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