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  1. Ricardo V.

    Which, where and why?

    After looking at ridiculous routes and prices to get to Bonaire from FL, it's looking like HI is where we want to go next. My wife and I are avid divers and are familiar with the Caribbean Basin. We are warming up to the idea of visiting Hawaii early next month. We enjoy boat dives, but also...
  2. Ricardo V.

    Getting to Bonaire from FL

    We've been traveling to Bonaire with a fair level or regularity over the past 10 years. Seems like routes from Miami to Bonaire are at a critical point just now. Any intel on what's going on is welcome, as well as reasonable ways to still make the trek. Last May, we flew...
  3. Ricardo V.

    Electronics ban

    I've been watching and listening to news reports this afternoon announcing an imminent ban on electronics onboard flights leaving the US, with new laws requiring them to be transported as checked luggage. This is going to impact us underwater photo enthusiasts. I've been traveling with my...
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