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    Been a While ...

    Haven't logged onto the site for quite a while now, since my heart attack in 2008. Have been trying to rehab and get my stamina back but the damage looks to be permanent now I am unfortunately being forced to give up SCUBA and a 20+ year career as a PADI Divemaster. I just came from...
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    Diving after Heart Attack

    Yeah ...things like this just don't happen to guys like me. But like it or not, a little over 3 weeks ago I had a serious attack. No prior symptoms or history. Exercise regularly, not overweight, don't smoke and maintain a good diet. Long story short, I made it to the hospital, was...
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    Dual Strobe Advice ...

    Headed out this year with my first "dual strobe" camera set-up. Shot a Nikonos for 20 some odd years with single strobe and then went to digital, again with single strobe. So, my question is ...what are some of the key things (differences) I need to be thinking about ?? Thanks in...
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    Help Installing Shock Cord Heel Strap

    I just received my Force Fin Heel Strap Replacement Kit. Have read over the instructions and attempted to remove the original Nylon Strap but have been unable to break th locktite seal. Instructions indicate that I should hit the the screw and bushing but not the screw head, using a hammer...
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    MP-1 Hands Free Waterproof Light from JFI

    Looking to get some direct feedback from divers who have used this light system: Home Thanks in advance ...
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    FS: NikonosV w/28mm and SB105

    Anyone interested (or know of anyone who might be) in a well maintained (never flooded) NikonosV with 28mm lens and SB105 strobe. I am the original owner. Have extension tubes (Helix) for macro and Nikonos Close-up Kit. Complete with gray Underwater Kinetics Hard Shell Case. Used gently and...
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    Magnifyer for LCD

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    Who sells those single rubber covers for SPG's. I have a couple old USD DataPro consoles and I want to pull out the SPG's and use them separately. Don't use the analogue depth gauges or the bottom/surface interval timers any more so there's no sense in dragging around a double gauge console...
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    Countdown to the Caymans ...

    One more day of work and then it's off to the Caymans for a week on the Nekton. Are we there yet ??
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    2 Weeks and a Wake-up !

    After all these years diving I still get excited about an upcoming trip. Saturday 5/26 ...destination Caymans, aboard the Nekton. Gear spread out all over the floor. Have gone over all the camera settings (twice). Sure hope times flies !!
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    Inon Wal 100

    Question for those who have experience with the INON 100 Wide Angle Lens ...especially if you shoot with an Oly 5050. Am very comfortable with my 5050 and Ikelite housing but will be taking my new INON WAL with me in May for the first time. What adjustments, if any, to you make in...
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    Nekton Caymans ...One Month to Go !

    Last payment made, flights booked, gear all spread out on the bed in the guestroom. Fun starts on the 26th ... Damn a month sure seems like a long time !! Somebody throw me a bone and tell me how GREAT the Caymans are gonna be. This'll be our first time on that itinerary.
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    Colored Rings for Micra Second Stage

    Anybody out there have (or know who does have) acess to those colored rings that snap onto the front of the old USD Micra (non adj) second stage ?? Any information, including leads that I would have to track down myself, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance ... 'Slogger
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    Can anyone help me ID this first stage ?

    Considering a bid on a USD Micra set up but understand that some of the first stages can no longer be serviced. Would appreciate anyone with a minute or two who would take a look and help me ID the first stage on this Micra set up...
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    Micra ADJ

    Anybody here know a member named "TOBAD78" or how to get in touch with him ?? A while back he offered a used Micra regulator for sale. Would like to follow-up but can't seem to make the connection via PM or E-mail here at SB. Thanks to anyone who can help. 'Slogger
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    Need some recommendations for a nice place to stay and best snorkeling in Bonaire. Freinds of mine are considering Bonaire and are non divers. Have never been there myself and would rather be able to give them something specific rather than just seeing them pick a place of the internet...
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    Nikonos V

    Is there a market for Nikonos cameras and accessories ?? Since going digital my Nikonos is gathering dust. It's in great shape. Never been flooded and maintained annually. What's the word on the street regarding Nikonos ?? 'Slogger
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    Nekton - Caymans

    Just booked a trip on the Rorqual for Memorial Day week in 2007 -- Cayman Itinerary. This'll be our 5th Nekton trip so we know what to expect in terms of the boat but was wondering if there are any SB'ers out here who have done the Cayman Itinerary and would be willing to comment...
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    Labeling Digital Photos

    OK I've been taking photos for years and just this past Fall I switched over to digital. I have some nice shots and I would like to add my "personal label" to the ones I send around to inhibit pirating and improper copying. For those of you who have a personal "logo" or "signature...
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