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    Sola 1200 won't turn on

    The light worked fine when I used it last, about a month ago. I pulled it out today to make sure it was fully chared for a trip this week and it won't turn on. It was stored fully charged. When I plugged it in, the light on the charger is green. Any ideas, thoughts?
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    Warranty repair

    I sent my wisdom 2 in for repair 2 weeks ago. I called on it today for a status update, and now I'm being told there is a 6 week turn around time. Is this really true?
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    Help me choose a backup

    I need a backup light and I'm stuck between two, the Penetrater 220 and the Intova Ultra Torch. I'm leaning towards the Penetrator 220 due to a very good deal at Piranha. I just need a backup light to keep in the BC pocket, not for night dives or low viz, other than your general lack of viz...
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    SS backplate and STA

    I'm looking for a good used SS backplate and STA.
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    Manually shutting off a Wisdom 2

    I've had my Wisdom 2 for almost 2 years now and this has always kind of bugged me. I would like to know if there is a way to shut it off after a day of diving, instead of it sitting there killing my battery for 24 hours in "fly" mode till it shuts itself off. I have read the manual multiple...
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