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  1. tarponchik

    Sea Turtle ID

    It is so old and covered with barnacles I am hesitant to name it.
  2. tarponchik

    More sharks and rays are reclassified as threatened

    A few reef sharks that used to be very common and abundant, and are particularly popular among divers, are now threatened. This includes the Caribbean reef shark (Carcharhinus perezi) reclassified from Near Threatened to Endangered, lemon shark (Negaprion brevirostris) from Near Threatened to...
  3. tarponchik

    What do the Lionfish eat in Western Florida waters?

    I find this paper interesting. They used DNA fingerprinting to ID the remnants in the stomachs of 50 Lionfish from Sarasota area taken in 2016, and turned out that LF mostly consumed small gobies (2 species, 44.7% of the prey by numbers found), Sand Divers (16.3%), Sand Perch (14.3%), and Bridle...
  4. tarponchik

    Is this true?

    ...firing a powerful underwater flash can break the radio connection between a dive computer and a separate pressure sensor. It can, concerningly, cause the dive computer to crash. Has anyone experienced something like this?
  5. tarponchik

    Best wrecks in SE Florida to watch Grouper aggregations now?

    Is Corridor Wreck Track good for this purpose or do I have to look for something else? 6 wrecks in, say, 45 min seems too fast for me.
  6. tarponchik

    Couple of questions on Blue Heron Bridge area

    1. Peanut Island: snorkeling only or also some diving? 2. Google maps shows me 2 artificial reefs just North of BHB opposite SingerDr/Bimini Ln area called Sugar Sands Ledges and Sugar Sands Rock Pile. What are these? Has anyone tried? Thanks!
  7. tarponchik

    Question on Raja Ampat area marine life

    I've checked some LOB routes, and some of them go north from Sorong, and some go south. Can anyone compare the quality of reefs or comment if there's any difference in what you see underwater? Wasai/Kri area vs Misool?
  8. tarponchik

    Who are these guys?

    1. Mantis or False Mantis? 2. 3 feet away from this shrimp there was a "tapir" looking out from his hole. The only fish with a face like this in my old Humann & Deloach book is Blackspotted Eel, but it has not been reported in Florida. Just south of Blue Heron Bridge.
  9. tarponchik

    Vintage Soviet belt

    I got this belt as a gift from a guy in Sevastopol in 1975 and found it digging through my Dad's junk. I used it for freediving only. It has a stainless steel quick-release buckle. The belt itself is nylon.
  10. tarponchik

    For Sale Canon G1x MkII + Canon WP-DC53 waterproof case

    Got this kit in 2016, occasionally used, never flooded. I liked it but I switched to A6000 and only used this Canon kit couple times in 2018. No original packaging but I have printed manual for the camera, battery charger and 1 battery. The waterproof case has both the handband and the yellow...
  11. tarponchik

    Lead batteries on sea bottom

    During this one dive in Keauhou Bay, I found 2 snorkels, a fishing rod, couple of sinkers, and this battery. I'd say that intentional disposal of snorkeling and fishing gear into the sea is highly unlikely, but what about the battery? This was not the 1st one I ever found while diving, and not...
  12. tarponchik

    Help ID this coral

    Along Kona Coast, I saw this coral growing only in one place, which is odd. One picture shows it growing as an individual bush, another shows mixed growth with finger corals.
  13. tarponchik

    What is this stuff?

    Hawaii, Kona coast, at about 25 ft. Looked soft and moved with the waves. The whole cluster size was about 2"-2.5" across. Could this be someone's eggs?
  14. tarponchik

    Who are these guys?

    Digging through my archives, I found this photo of large school of maybe 8" silvery yellow-tailed fish. They do not look like Heller's barracuda but who are they? Hawaii, Kona coast, 2013.
  15. tarponchik

    Rats, seabirds and coral reefs

    A very interesting article. Bottom line: introduction of rats or pigs to island has negative effect on coral reefs and fish because these animals decimate bird colonies, and bird's guano provides necessary nutrients for reef ecosystems. The introduced mongoose in Hawaii comes to mind. They also...
  16. tarponchik

    From PCB/St. Andrews State Park

    In low tide, on wet sand above water level. The creature was 8-10 inch long.
  17. tarponchik

    Are there any endangered Damselfish species in Hawaii?

    While reading the NYT Magazine, I came upon this statement: Of the 1,280 endangered animals and plants listed by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, 557 are from Hawaii, including the short-tailed albatross, the Hawaiian hoary bat and the Kauai cave wolf spider, as well as four species...
  18. tarponchik

    Is there such thing as a housing for EOS M100?

    I found some but these are called "housing for Canon M" so I got confused.
  19. tarponchik

    Welcome Bluespotted Cornetfish to the Caribbean

    I've seen reports of BSCF in Florida waters and found some anecdotal evidence from Cozumel divers dating back to 2013, but it is the 1st time I saw it outside the Indo-Pacific myself. Here it is, in 25 ft, at Plaia Grandi, Curacao. It will probably do fine here. With larger predators wiped...
  20. tarponchik

    Tagging Turtles: Side Effects?

    I've seen turtles with flipper tags many times. For example, in Bonaire turtles are tagged with plastic tags and in Mexico metal tags are used. I haven't seen any harm in this till I spotted a turtle in Akumal Bay with what looked like a tumor developed around the tag (see the attached...
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