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  1. endurodog

    Whats your favorite shore diving spot?

    Was wondering what your favorite shore diving spot is and why you like your spot. Thanks guys.
  2. endurodog

    Best Shore Diving

    Was wondering what some thoughts are on where the best shore diving is in the state and why you like your spot? Thanks guys
  3. endurodog

    Traveling with rebreather

    Got to spend some time in a pool with a rebreather a year ago and really enjoyed it. Been thinking about one but I'm land locked in the Denver area. I do dive here in the local lakes but that's not the best use for a rebreather. It would be some of the dive destinations I travel to that I...
  4. endurodog

    Divers on a wreck

    This is one of those images I have always wanted to capture, it's rare that I can come close to what I have in my head. Very happy with this one. Shot with a Sony NEX5n in a 10Bar housing.
  5. endurodog

    Exuma Photos

    Did a Blackbeard live aboard in the Exumas 2 weeks ago. took over 1200 photos and I'm still going through them but got a couple I thought I would share. All photos were taken with a Sony NEX-5n in a 10Bar housing. The strobe that was used on some of them is a single Sea&Sea. Reef Shark...
  6. endurodog

    NEX-5n 10 Bar housing

    I have read the stuff thats on here and some other stuff on the net and have been thinking about getting this housing for my NEX-5n. Does anyone have any recent reports or any long term reports. Thanks in advance!
  7. endurodog

    IDC/IE completed, Kudos to Rainbow Reef

    I was looking around for a place for my IDC/IE and stumbled on a couple of threads that mentioned Rainbow Reef. Contacted several places and decided to go with them and just completed it on Sunday. Can't say enough good things about Rainbow Reef. Ross is the CD that spearheads the program and...
  8. endurodog

    SR-1 failure, again

    I have now had 3 failures with my SR-1 and I can not say how disappointed I am in the regulator, the service of the company, and customer service from the Sherwood rep on this board. In Feb of this year while on a dive trip I had the first stage come apart after attaching it to my tank...
  9. endurodog

    Screws and diving

    This last week my girlfriend was involved in an accident where a car T-bones her car. Result was a pelvis broken in 8 places, several broken ribs and lots of cuts and bruising which will result in a couple week stay in the hospital and rehab. They did surgery and put in some screws, along with...
  10. endurodog

    PADI DM finished, hints to others

    Last weekend I finished my final Dive Master requirements. Now I just need to submit my application and wait for approval and pay my insurance. All I can say is what a journey. I started the process in the beginning of April when I picked up my crew pack and paid my fees. After looking...
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