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    Dad's old stuff...

    US Divers Co. Calypso depth gauge. Never saw him wear it and looks new. I was thinking about using it as a back-up to my computer. Any thoughts on what it is worth?
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    Professional Dive Boat - EPIC FAIL

    Okay, we've all read stories here about advanced scuba boat trips that were ruined because the crew allowed a newbie on board and then catered to the weakest link. Well, the outfit we dove with last Thursday took this behavior to a whole new level. They market themselves as catering to a small...
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    Pinnacle Cruiser 7/5mm Jumpsuit Men's XXL

    Excellent condition! $99 firm. Will mail at cost of postage. Can email pics.
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    How to get best deal on liveaboard?

    Hello, My daughter is doing a college internship at the University of Sydney in marine biology and wants to dive the GBR before she comes home in early August. She would like to try one of liveaboards out of Cairns. How should she proceed to get the best price on a trip? I have read...
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